We make rocking chairs and dining furniture
to make you comfortable and your rooms beautiful.

our company standing behind the furniture

Our rocking chairs ease backs, minds, babies.
In our dining chairs, families and friends gather in comfort and linger long.
Our dining tables center well ordered homes.
The barstools grace the kitchens.

We have delivered furniture directly to patrons in every state,

most Canadian provinces, and Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

How can a small, custom shop give people, world wide, the confidence to become patrons?

If you seek:


The Weeks Rocker® is our signature piece.

If we send you a rocker and it is not the most comfortable, beautiful, and well-constructed rocking chair you have ever experienced, you may return it for a full refund.  We'll pay the return freight.

Making patrons happy since 1992.

Gary and Company,

The rocker arrived yesterday afternoon in perfect condition. I can't thank you all enough for your artistry and professionalism. It truly is the most comfortable chair that I have ever sat in and incredibly beautiful to look at. My back instantly felt comfort that I have not felt in years. From my first phone call to Gary to the arrival of the chair yesterday you guys have all been amazing. Thanks again for your beautiful work and increasing the quality of my life.


Wilson, New York

We collaborate with you to

  • create centers of fellowship for family and friends.
  • support the arts, right livelihood, health, and nature
  • invest in the long game
  • bequeath heirlooms