Front Legs

rough turned rocking chair front leg

The front legs are turned round, to fit a hand.

We select front legs from the stock so that the grain is straight and parallel to the length. Front legs begin as 2" x 2" squares — they are usually cut and always marked as pairs.

rocking chair front leg blanks

Front legs (marked front and side) in pairs with the jig that guides the router to notch for the seat.

rocking chair front legs with notching jig

Will notching a front leg with the router.

We stroke sand the seat to fit the notches.

Everyone likes to see the square become round on the lathe, a lot happens fast. It can be fun, but not casual. We do not use guides or duplicators.

The top and bottom ends are turned to round tenons. The top tenon will pass through the arm and the bottom tenon will pass through the rocker. We ground an open end wrench into a cutting tool.

We drive a wedge into a kerf in the tenon.
You can hear it become secure.

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