We build writing, office, and standup desks.

We have a "standard" design for each of these, but consider them "custom" because they are all different in size and in the configuration of drawers, doors, shelves, hardware...and other elements.

From time to time, we build a desk that is new and different and truly custom.

Kayser's Writing Desk with Webb Chair

Our Latest Realization

A cherry Weeks Writing Desk with a 2Rail Webb Chair.

Weeks Writing Desk


  • wood
  • size
  • drawer configuration
  • drawer dividers
  • ...your call
  • $2800-4850 plus shipping

Weeks Office Desks


  • wood
  • size (66" or 72" long) (28" or 32" wide)
  • number and function of drawers
  • doors
  • secure storage
  • ...your call
  • $6800-10,000 plus shipping

Weeks Standup Desks


  • wood
  • width, length, height
  • number and size of drawers
  • lectern or "flat at the back"
  • hinged top
  • ...your call
  • $2400-5000 plus shipping

Desks, One of a Kind

The desk featured here uses elements of our Steele table for its general configuration, all else is bespoke.