We Design What We Build

hands drawing chair part at work bench

Line, curve, contour, structure, and space:

informed by purpose and performance,
inspired by light, shadow, and touch.

Born at the junction of form and function.

Bill Kirchen

We can get a pleasing form from drawing and sculpting, but to get that form in shape for function, we have to test it.

Comfort and utility may go hand and hand with beauty.

Frank Lloyd Wright
cherry Heflin barstool studio

We do not compromise comfort, utility, or longevity for statement, style, fashion, or ease of making.

The higher processes of art are all of simplification.

Willa Cather
walnut rocking chair 821

We refine the elements to their essence--avoiding and removing the extraneous, the affectations, and the common.

Simple is hard.

Count Basie
Berry barstool, seat 30" high and 20" wide

Because our designs are clean, there is no place to hide less than impeccable workmanship.
Craftsmanship is integral to design.

Only well-executed objects can be beautiful.

Dieter Ram
Williams side chair back quarter view

We have developed our own set of techniques and elements.

Some are innovations to long-standing traditions,
some are adaptations,
some are adoptions,
and some are born anew.