A Rocking Chair Gift for a Friend or a Family

rocker in wrapped box and woman in rocker

Many rockers we build are ordered by someone for giving to another.
It is an honor to be in the middle of that.

We get to share in surprises and in pleasures when:

  • fathers-to-be order chairs for mothers-to-be, for nursing and the nursery.
  • grandparents-to-be order chairs for their expecting children.
  • children order for parents.
  • spouse for spouse.
  • friend for friend.
  • businesses or organizations send rockers to customers, vendors, and other supporters.
  • employers give rocking chairs to appreciated and deserving associates, maybe retiring, maybe staying on. See Rocking Chair for Retirement Gift.

We can make a rocking chair personal and commemorative by:

  • Inlaying initials, symbols, logos, etc with contrasting woods into crests or arms.
  • Engraving dates, names, and other (limited) lines of text into chairbacks.
  • Bronze Plaque on the bottom of the chair with words and graphics.
  • Making a rocking chair of a mix of woods.

We can keep a secret.

We coordinate delivery so the surprise is maintained as long as possible. It's fun.
Given lead-time, we can have a rocking chair delivered just before or on significant dates.

An Editor's Opinion

"Invest in a product that will become your most prized family heirloom handcrafted straight from Wimberley, Texas."


Houston Family Magazine Gifts from Texas

We are honored and fulfilled by the words of our patrons.

November 03, 2015


The rocking chair arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I must say that I was, and continue to to be, amazed at the quality and comfort of the rocking chair. The rocking chair is second to none and absolutely a work of art. You and your staff are the best. There was even a hand written note from Becca wishing my wife and future baby to enjoy it and hoping that it remained a surprise for my wife, which it did. My wife honestly did not know what to say when I revealed it to her . . . she looked like a child on Christmas morning just in awe. She walked around it and admired it for a couple of minutes then sat in it and started rocking and said, "This is the most comfortable rocking chair I have ever sat in . . . I could fall asleep." We love it and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. My wife wants to carry it to one of her baby showers and show it off, if that tells you how much she loves it. Thanks so much for you and your company's beautiful work and attention to detail and customer service. I will be leaving a detailed review on your website about how happy we are with the rocking chair. I am now a life long customer and will definitely be purchasing another in the future.

Thank you,

Pike Road, AL