Handmade, Solid Wood Furniture

We are artisans building furniture in the USA that improves the days and lives of our patrons, their families, and their friends.

Stuff that works. Stuff that holds up.

Guy Clark


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Chairs and Barstools

We are known for the comfort of our chairs. See comments.

Accessories for Rocking Chairs

or to serve however you need.

Dining Tables

We build tables to fit the space and the people who gather. You specify the dimensions and the species of wood. We provide the design, invest the highest craftsmanship, and deliver an impeccable finish.





We can personalize and customize our furniture with inlays, engravings, carvings, or bronze plaques. Click a link to see prices, or range of prices.

Custom Furniture

For our established patron supporters, we design and build desks, buffets, and other bespoke furniture. Prices are quoted as design and drawings are approved.