Our Mendelsohn Pedestal Table

Mendelsohn table in setting by window

The solid column and the curving, arching, muscular feet provide a firm bearing and a classic profile.





  • We can assist with space planning.
  • With the limits given in the price charts below, we can build the table to suit the space and seating.

Top Thickness, Apron, Extension

  • 1" thick top with an apron that opens for a leaf. Pedestal Extension Tables.
  • 1" thick top with an apron, but no leaf.
  • 1-1/2" thick top with no apron and no leaf.

Wood, Finish, Edge, Shape

  • You may choose cherry, walnut, maple, or request another.
  • You may choose the preparation and finish of any top. See Tabletop Finishes.
  • You may choose the shape of the top, in some cases.
  • For a 1-1/2" thick top, you may choose the edge treatment.

Apron and Top Thickness Configurations

Mendelsohn pedestal table dimension drawings

1" Thick Tabletop with an Apron--that Opens for a Leaf.

  seats cherry walnut maple
48" + 20 4-8 $4600 $4900 $5000
54" + 20 5-9 $4950 $5400 $5500

Prices include one 20" leaf. For three 12" leaves instead of one 20" leaf, add $475.

1" Thick Tabletop with an Apron--that Does Not Open for a Leaf

eliptical pedestal table
custom eliptical shape
  seats cherry walnut maple
48" Dia. 4-5 $3875 $4375 $4475
54" Dia. 5-7 $4275 $4875 $4975

1-1/2" Thick Tabletops without an Apron

Mendelsohn Pedestal Table, custom top
custom shape to fit space and traffic, flame birch
  seats cherry walnut maple
42" Dia. 4-5 $3100 $3500 $3600
48" Dia. 4-6 $3300 $3800 $3900
54" Dia. 5-7 $3600 $4100 $4200
60" Dia. 6-8 $4000 $4500 $4600

For custom shapes or other diameters, please inquire.

August 14, 2012


I just wanted you to know that my family, friends and I have derived great pleasure and satisfaction from the beauty and fine craftsmanship of the table and chairs that you made for us. Dealing with you was an enjoyable and memorable experience. I proudly refer people who ask about your work to my friend in Texas who made them for me.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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