The Finishing Rooms

Audra oiling a cherry barstool

We have a room for oiling and one for varnishing, packing, and inventory.
We clean the air with a VOC scrubber (a carbon filter).

Oiling Room

In this space, we

  • apply oil and rub it in.
  • wipe down after oiling.
  • put the furniture on a rack to dry.
  • sand and polish between coats.

Varnishing, Packing, and Inventory Room

Here we:

  • varnish tabletops.
  • store finished furniture.
  • wrap for shipment.

VOC Scrubber

Our polyurethane varnish produces volatle organic compounds--a category of air pollution. To reduce our exposure to VOC's and the emission of them to the atmosphere, we designed and built a scrubber. The scrubber circulates the air of the finishing rooms through a bed of activated charcoal. We maintain constant temperature and humdity; we work in filtered air; the finishes are better; there is no discharge to the atmosphere.