Our Heflin Barstool


You may choose:
the wood
the height of the seat from 20-30".


cherry         $1550
walnut         $1750
maple          $1750


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To order

ten Heflin barstools in the drying rack
cherry Heflin barstools in the finishing room

A good barstool with a back is more than a tall chair. We learned how much more when designing this piece. We discovered that height places great demands on proportions and balance, that sitting with your feet on a rail changes the curve of the lumbar, and more.

To Verify Comfort, Beauty, Versatility, and Workmanship

If you are considering the purchase of 3 or more of our barstools, we will send one to you at our expense. We'll have it picked up after a week or so. No charge to you.

Seat Height

We recommend a seat height that is 12" below the top of the bar, counter, or table.

  • Bar height is typically 42" high. For that, we build barstools with 30" high seats.
  • Counter height is typically 36" high. For which, we build barstools with 24" high seats.
  • You may specify heights from 20-30".



April 02, 2018

Hi Gary,

Our barstools arrived in perfect condition and are absolutely beautiful. You and the team did a wonderful job. We couldn't be more happy with the level of craftsmanship and professionalism. Thank you very much for all of your effort.

Best Regards,

Lafayette, California