The Place

Texas Hill Country.
Hard Scrabble.

We work in several buildings tucked in the brush--
knitted together by wires, plumbing, walks, and purpose.
We built them.
The City of Austin awarded us a Green Building Certificate.

Wimberley, Texas

This town is here because Cypress Creek joins the Blanco River and makes a fine respite from dry, broken, brush covered limestone hills. It was settled late because the hills don't yield a good living. First came the ranchers, then the cedar choppers, then vacationers, retirees, and all kinds of people not trying to raise cows or goats, or cut posts.

Wimberley has had a reputation as a home for artists for decades. It is not many miles to Austin but until recently the hills and low water crossings kept it distant. We become suburban now. I sometimes go to community events and don't know anyone. But there is a sense of place and of preservation that has kept at bay some of the worst and kept alive some of the best.

From a Building, Signage, and Landscape Guide for Wimberley:

A community exists here. Neither the scale nor the scope of activity has eliminated the natural world or the good neighbor.