The Business

rocking chairs and smiling patron

To make people happy and to make a just living, we

design, build, and deliver

rocking chairs, dining chairs, dining tables, barstools, and other furniture.

Our furniture is not made to be consumed but to be conveyed to heirs.
We serve a world wide clientele directly from our shop.


    We design what we build.

    To design a chair, we build a fitting booth with changeable and moveable parts, ask several dozen people to sit in it, make adjustments, and distill what we have learned into a comfortable, durable, and handsome place to sit.


    Our designs are refined yet simple, with exposed joinery, smooth transitions, graceful lines, supple edges, satin surfaces, and impeccable workmanship.

    Generated from the human form and finished to a polish, the lines, contours, and surfaces of our chairs are particularly and inherently sensuous, compelling, and comfortable. Our tables resonate and compliment.

    We don't attempt to work in a style (old, new, or trending), ...but the furniture has some. It has versatility in decor and longevity in use.

    Weeks rocking chair over/angle view


    We use basic woodworking machines and tools,
    special machines and tools we have made,
    and skilled hands.

    We have reverence for wood and devotion to craft.

    See How We Make a Rocking Chair or peruse the Shop Log.


    Most of our new business comes from web searches. The internet has made the world our market.

    We ship directly to our patrons from our shop and showroom in the Texas Hill Country. We have shipped to every state, most Canadian provinces, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    Since we meet few of our clientele, it is morale building when they send us pictures with the furniture in place and in use.


    We don't consider a sale to be a transaction, but the beginning of a relationship.

    May 13, 2019


    I want to let you know that the rocker arrived on Thursday in great condition and to thank the Gary Weeks Company for making such a fine piece of furniture, the craftsmanship is superb! The rocker is not only comfortable it is also a functional piece of art that will be handed down in my family for generations.

    It was a true pleasure doing business with you and the Gary Weeks Company. You were helpful, gracious and you worked with me to take all the guess work out of buying the rocker both online and over the phone. It’s rare in this day and age to find a combination of a superior product, artisan workmanship and outstanding customer support!

    My sincere thanks,


    Imperial, MO

    Barriers and Hurdles

    It is not easy to build a business designing and making fine furniture, finding people who want it, and getting it to them.

    I wrote about it in 2001.

    The Business of Making Furniture by Hand