Our Paschall Leg at Corner Dining Table

The leg is turned round below its intersection with the apron.
We carve away wood on the upper outside corners of the leg so that the profile curves out to the largest diameter of turning.
There is a classic, yet jaunty aspect to this line.

Uncle Charles Paschall had a shop behind his house. I can still smell the pine shavings and feel his guiding hand. Gary Weeks



  • You may specify the width and length. We can help with space planning.
  • The tops can be fixed or open to receive leaves.
  • You may choose cherry, walnut, maple, or request another.
  • You may choose the preparation and finish of the top. See Tabletop Finishes.
  • We can provide cases for leaves. See Leg and Apron Extension Tables.

Paschall Tables with Fixed Tops

The boards in the top run with the long dimension.

  seats cherry walnut maple
36" x 48" 4 $2200 $2650 $2750
39" x 60" 4-6 $2400 $2850 $2950
40" x 72" 6 $2675 $3250 $3350
42" x 80" 6-8 $3050 $3750 $3850
44" x 96" 8 $3600 $4650 $4750
44" x 108" 8-10 $4225 $5450 $5550
44" x 120" 10-12 $5125 $6500 $6600

The chart illustrates a range of size and price, but you can specify width and length within the limits of the wood available. Inquiries are welcome.

Paschall Tables with Leaves

The boards in the top run with the narrow dimension.

  seats cherry walnut maple
A. 38" x 48" 4-6-8 $3950 $4350 $4500
B. 43" x 66" 6-8-10 $4600 $5200 $5350
C. 46" x 88" 8-10-12 $5600 $6200 $6400

Dimensions given are without leaves. Two 18" leaves are included in the price.

You can specify other sizes.
We can build very long tables.

For extended dimensions, leaf cases, and other details,
See: Leg-and-Apron Extension Tables

July 26, 2008

Dear Gary,

I first saw your furniture advertisement in the New Yorker magazine in 1998. I marvelled then at the beauty of your designs especially your dining room chairs and tables. And, I could not believe the claim of a wood chair being comfortable for long periods of conversation or extended reading. Ten years of wishing for a beautiful dining room table and chairs has now become a reality. My 6 maple Wilson dining room chairs and Paschall table are not only exquisitely crafted but extraordinarily comfortable for dining, conversation, and reading — a reader's favorite chair.

G.F, Ph.D.

Chicago, Illinois

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