Jigs and Fixtures

We make devices that hold the work and guide tools (jigs) or attach to the tool and guide the work (fixtures). Some operations combine the two. Often it's hard to call something one or the other, but all exist to make work safer, more precise, better, faster, and easier.

Rocking Chair Back Legs

We built a jig to perform three operations on two rocking chair back legs with one router.

  • create a plane to receive the shoulder of the tenon on the arm
  • mortise for the arm tenon
  • notch for the seat

Vacuum secures the legs.

Arm Tenons

With a rocking chair arm in a fixture, we cut tenon cheeks on the cross cut saw. We use two blades, separated by plywood and paper discs. Adding or removing a paper disc gives us a snug fit in the mortise that we cut with the router jig shown above.

Crest Rail Faces

With the crest in this jig, we true the curve--like mowing the grass.

Splat Mortises

We cut the mortises in the crest rail in a router jig.

They are precise.

There are a lot more.