We build what we design to the highest standards of our craft.

Gary planing table top

Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a reed shaken in the wind.

Johannes Brahms

We have designed and built machines and tooling, written protocols, and established routines, but precision and the structural, visual, and tactile integrity of the furniture are in our hands--not in machines, tools, or programs. Judgment and ability are challenged, and risk abounds.

Wood is a substance with soul.

William Penn

A reverence for the material is required. Each piece of wood has its optimum orientation and treatment and its highest use (although that may be in the stove). Recognition of this is technical, experiential, and devotional.

Austin and Bonner marking rocking chair legs

Chairs are like sculpture.

Robert Wilson

We sculpt joints and surfaces to animate the play of light and shadow.

To "sculpt" in this shop is to cut, carve, file, grind, or sand to a form that is individual to that piece and moment, but consistent with an ideal.

Vision. Execution. Care.

Austin fairing rocking chair arm pit

May the world be blessed by the work of your hands.

A Unitarian Welcome

We are artist-craftsmen, not machine tool operators. Inspired hearts and informed heads guide calloused hands to produce extraordinary works of beauty and utility.