Comments from our Patrons

November 13, 2023

Thanks for your note, Gary.

While it was a leap of faith to purchase the chair, it has more than delivered on the promise made. I have enjoyed sitting in it each day since it arrived. I would not hesitate to recommend your work to a friend looking for a rocking chair.

Thx, D.

Scottsdale, Arizona

November 11, 2023

Your pieces are as much artwork as the drawings and paintings I have on the walls.

St. Paul, Minneapolis

November 10, 2023

I was going through some very old paperwork from 2002 and ran across our receipt from the rocking chair you made us. Thought I'd send a photo of the chair that truly became more beautiful over time. Thought you'd like to see it. Still gorgeous:)

Austin, Texas

November 03, 2023

Wow, you guys are amazing!

The furniture is literally stunning. The desk, the library table, the side table, the rocker and the stool are all beautiful, clearly well made and each a work of art on its own. The flame birch shimmers as we move around it. The wood matching on the drawers is perfect. The design and construction, timeless and solid.


St.Paul, Minnesota

November 01, 2023

Received the footstool. It is lovely and well-made, as is all your furniture. Thank you so much.


Hood River, Oregon

October 31, 2023

Hello, everyone! Our cherry rocker arrived today with approximately $500 worth of cardboard, tape and foam. It is beautiful. It must have taken as long to wrap it as it did to make it! Thanks for taking such good care of us. We sing your praises.

Fridley, Minnesota

October 08, 2023

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! The desk and cupboard you built [in 2014] for us here in Sacramento remains well loved. You guys are the real deal.

Best Wishes
K. D.

Sacramento, California

October 03, 2023

To all of you at Gary Weeks & Co.:

We continue to enjoy the kitchen table and chairs as well as the rocker that you made for us nearly 10 years ago.

We wish you continued success!

H. and K. M.

Upper Nyack, New York

October 03, 2023

Congrats! You make a very fine piece of furniture. My wife really has enjoyed her rocker; its hard to pry her out of it. Many more years to you.
J. D.

Montgomery, Texas

September 21, 2023

Omg Gary, I’m sitting at my island with the top and stools from you and I’m ecstatic about them! I know you have many accolades for the woodwork and pieces but I will tell you that passing the torch to the next generation (like Austin and Autumn) is a notable accomplishment these days.

Thanks for the note, I appreciate it.

Ft. Worth, Texas

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