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December 19, 2001


I wanted to let you know that the rocking chair arrived on Monday. Everything was in perfect order. As you may recall the rocking chair was for my wife and our newborn son. I think you will be happy to hear it was warmly received. It was everything she wanted and more.

When I brought the chair home I had her go to the bedroom while I brought it into the living room. I then led her out, eyes closed of course. I wish you could have seen her face when she sat down.

Many thanks for the fine work you do. Special thanks for going the extra mile to keep me up to date on the shipping status. It is not often these days that you can spend money as a consumer and have zero regrets about your purchase.

T. & N.B.
Ketchikan, Alaska

P.S. — I hope you find the following useful in marketing your wonderful product.

When I decided that I wanted to purchase a traditional rocking chair I had no idea of what I was in for. First I went down to the two furniture stores in town and was very disappointed in what I saw. Both stores had one model for sale, and neither were worth buying.

My buying habits are such that I make sure I will be pleased with what I buy before I part with my money. So I started looking on the internet. Not really knowing what I was looking for I found some nice rocking chairs at a site called "100% rocking chairs". In fact I almost bought one. However I had a nagging doubt and held back.

After several evenings on the internet I finally found your web site via Google. I instantly fell in love with what I saw. However when I started this little adventure I had only planed on spending perhaps $500, tops. After two weeks of thinking it over I decided that your chair was worth the cost. In addition I believe the your rocking chair is of such superior quality that it will literally last us a lifetime. In the long run it is a bargain compared to numerous lazy boys or cheap glider rockers that it would take to fill its place over as many years. I also believe that properly cared for our rocking chair will increase in value.

I hope you find this information useful. I mention it simply to illustrate the influence your product had over me, a frugal consumer looking for a well made rocking chair.

If you ever visit Ketchikan give me a call before you come I will be happy to show you the sites or take you fishing.
[Somehow, I've got to go. GW]

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas!

Ketchikan, Alaska

December 06, 2001

Dear Mr. Weeks:

Thank you for the beautiful walnut rocker you and the people in your company made for me. I really love it . . . The rocker and I spend a lot of beautiful time listening to music. It makes my den. But what matters most to me is that it was made by people who love and care about what they create, and as a result the product has integrity.

God bless, and good luck,

Stamford, Connecticut​

November 20, 2001

Hi Gary, It's A.L.
[transcibed from the answering machine, GW]

I just got my chair, this afternoon — delivered, and its absolutely beautiful. I love it, I absolutely love it and it's so comfortable and it's just a work of art. Being here in New York, it really cheers me up just in time for Thanksgiving. Thanks for all your hard work and making it so pretty. Hopefully we'll talk again. Have a good Thanksgiving.
[I did A., your message helped. GW]

New York, NY

November 15, 2001

Mr. Weeks —

Enclosed is a check to cover the deposit for 4 additional walnut side chairs. We have enjoyed these beautiful chairs, and especially the rocker which has received many hours of use since the birth of our little granddaughter a year ago.


Kenny, Texas​

October 09, 2001

Gary —

We love the chairs! They are so comfortable and beautifully crafted. Thanks again for all your hard work and building the chairs so quickly. We hope to visit the shop sometime soon and see more of your work.

L. and P.B.

Georgetown, Texas​

October 12, 2001


I want to thank you so much for your efforts on Tuesday. It was very nice of you to do what you did with the calls. Please thank those people who allowed me their chair.

It made the perfect gift for my brother. He absolutely loved it! I appreciate all you've done.

Please take care,


Austin, Texas​

April 15, 2001


They are delighted with the rocker. S. described it as "soft," quite a tribute to a wooden chair. I'm going to start saving so I can give one to B. when he retires.


Houston, Texas​

April 05, 2001


I just opened the crate and took out the rocker. It is beeaauutiffuull!! Such simple lines, yet so BIG and sturdy. I can rest my head with room to spare. I thank you for making it. I will love it for many years to come.

All the best,

Santa Rosa, California​