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January 30, 2002


We adore our cherry Mitchell Trestle table, and our star-inlayed chairs are by far the most comfortable imaginable. Thank you for working with us to custom-design a table that fits the dimensions of our home, and for creating a hand-planed tabletop that looks great and will survive the wear and tear from our kids. Our Gary Weeks table will surely be one of our prized Texas heirlooms.

D. and L.J.

Austin, Texas​

October 19, 2002


B.'s cherry Weeks Rocker arrived as promised, right on time and she absolutely loves it. I am in awe at the wood selection and the fine craftsmanship. I wish we had purchased this earlier (if you remember, I have been looking at your chairs in Austin since the days of your Texas pecan rocker, which I am truly sorry I don't possess). Thanks again.


Plano, Texas

December 10, 2002

Dear Gary:

The rocking chair arrived in perfect condition on Friday. It is just beautiful, and so beautifully made. It's comfortable for both me and my husband — I'm 5'9" and he's 6'3" — and so solidly built it doesn't make a peep nor creak. I spend a lot of time nursing our baby and I thought I might need to add cushions for more comfort, but no matter how long I sit it's still comfortable. It is truly a thing of beauty and comfort.

Thank you so much!


New York, New York​

November 23, 2002


In a world where mediocrity thrives and proliferates, while good men and women struggle and die, a world where avarice has replaced philanthropy and violence has replaced compassion, your rocking chair restores my confidence in the human spirit. That's no exaggeration. One problem, though. How do I extract my wife from the chair? I'd like to sit in it.


Lawrence, Kansas​

November 20, 2002


All you and Gary and Co have done from start to finish is so very appreciated. My folks were BLOWN AWAY. I think they are still in shock. The rocker is a work of art. Mil Gracias!

— Many thanks to you and Austin and the crew —


Red Rock, Texas​

November 09, 2002

Hi Gary,

Further to my earlier message of congratulations, it is indeed a great day when the Weeks Rocker makes it to its third continent. I'm as proud of that as you all are, I'm sure. I'll be looking forward to updates on your website, if you plan to include Oz. At least your map at home will need to expand somewhat!

I had to go to work just after sending the earlier message, but since I've got home — well, you know what the focus has been!! I've looked at it from every angle and admired the grain orientation and juxtaposition, and the vast difference in such between the top and the bottom of the seat. Wow, what attention to detail you have!

Of course I've been rocking plenty, but have to get up regularly just to look at and admire it, then I can sit down again and appreciate the shapes.

I look forward to introducing your work of art to my visitors, the first of whom comes tomorrow bearing my stools is one of my five brothers. As yet I've not told any of them about the purchase, so it will be a pleasant surprise.

Looks like I'll be wiring the balance of US$1100 on Monday our time, so please let me know if you don't get it by the end of next week.

And I must thank you also for the ingenious construction of the crate the rocker arrived in and the degree of wrap. Very light and simple to use. Thanks also for the catalogues and letter accompanying the chair. Indeed, the chair does speak for itself.


Melbourne, Australia​

November 07, 2002

Hi all,

Just a quick note to thank all of you for the hard work put in to my rocker, which arrived today (Friday a.m).

It is a wonderful piece of furniture, as you know, and the exquisite curves and colour, let alone the joins which can hardly even be seen, are something to just marvel over.

To Gary and Austin especially, thank you. And to Leslie and Zach and all the others who contributed, thanks for your work.

It is of course the best piece of furniture I have ever bought and the most prized. Nothing I've invested in even comes close except for my flat! And even that is not as beautiful.

I am and have been in awe of the work that you all do and would be blessed if I could work in wood with even a fraction of the skills and precision. But of course that is the domain of just a few, and my own skills are elsewhere.

And I wish for you all the best of luck and prosperity in your work, ideas and plans for the future whatever they are, although of course they will involve wood and wonderful design and execution.

I will cherish my Weeks Rocker and always remember the work that went into the design, the choice of wood and the careful shaping and polishing of the parts to make it a truly memorable piece of furniture that will always be admired and used.


PS: Will wire balance of money owed at earliest opportunity, either today or Monday.

For your interest, the total of Australian duties and GST and quarantine charges plus delivery came to about US$770 (AUD$1336), just in case you want to note it down for any other potential Australian patrons later.

Melbourne, Australia

October 12, 2002


Thank you again for your outstanding design and craftsmanship. The rocking chair has been more comfortable than I could have ever imagined, even sitting for long periods of time. My feet even touch the floor! I am still amazed with the way the chair fits both me and my husband perfectly, yet is beautiful too. It will truly be a blessing for our nursery and home for years to come.

Good luck to you and your business.


San Antonio, Texas

October 12, 2002

Dear Gary,

Your (my) rocker is a great success here in the Blue Creek/Chewelah environs; if only I could get a chance to use and enjoy it. Neighbors and their kin and kids all are delighted with it. Now if only they would purchase their own!! And, stop bringing their little kids over for story times, afternoon naps and nighttime bedtimes!!

Maybe I should have been more awares, and ordered two — but no!! that would mean even many many more visitors!! My little shack couldn't support it. (Especially the cookies and milk.)

But maybe I will. Until then, the best is yet to come, get ready, and keep dancing.


Chewellah, Washington

October 09, 2002

Dear Gary,

Received my rocker in fine shape. Needless to say, the workmanship and finish were superb. However, waited a while to write this letter because I wanted to give it a good workout. I can say, without qualification this is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture and pleasing to the eye. One item I would like to mention is the ability to get in and out of the rocker is very easy, meaning the design was right. My thanks for a perfect addition to our home.

Best regards,

Rogers, Arkansas​

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