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December 14, 2016


I'm sorry for not messaging sooner. The chair has arrived. It is beautiful, comfortable, and we are thrilled to bring it with us as we become parents.

Thank you again for the time and care you put into it. It means a lot to us. We'll send another photo with someone in it once the baby is born!


Olympia, WA

December 12, 2016


I received your work of art and it is in a prominent place — my bed room. It is such a pleasure to deal with someone that is an expert in their craft. If I decide that my old chair needs attention I will be in touch.

Peace and best wishes to you, your family, and your organization.


Washington, LA

December 03, 2016

Hi Gary,

I love my new rocker and footstool! The craftsmanship is outstanding. Sorry I didn't meet you too. And Austin took great care of me. Will see you next time!


Houston, TX

October 29, 2016

Hello Gary,

We are at home with our wonderful pecan rocker, and we are so very pleased. Now, we must have the small pecan table to have next to our beautiful chair. We would like the 15 x 20 x 24 side table. We are very patient, so when you decide to make tables, we would most appreciate you making us one.

We stopped by the blue barn and so enjoyed seeing your work and visiting with all the lovely people there. They can't say enough wonderful things about you, and I can certainly see why. Your work is superb. What a lovely place to spend the evening.


San Antonio, Texas

October 26, 2016

Hello Gary,

We were sorry to have missed you during our visit, but want to tell you what a privilege it was to visit your workshop and to meet Austin. He was so pleasant and informative, and is very much a credit to his parents.

Your rocking chair has indeed found an appreciative home; we can't get over how comfortable — and how beautifully made — it is. It's got quite a few rocking miles on it already! Please, if you're ever up around our way . . . give us a call. We'd love to meet you!

M. & R.

Boiling Spring, South Carolina

October 21, 2016


Please forgive my late response!
Thanks to you and Austin for hosting me on a tour of your operations.
I am delighted with the barstools, and they have become a part of my cherished weekend morning tradition of sipping a good latte and searching diligently through the papers for a shred of good news. The stools are comfy!
I take solace in my visit with you and am encouraged by your company, your people, and what you do.

Best Regards,

Flower Mound, Texas

October 20, 2016


It is wonderful. Got it yesterday. Even my builder, who built my house and is a 'good ole boy' was really impressed. He sat in the rocker and I had to ply him out. He was also impressed with the joints of the furniture.
I am able to eat at my counter for the first time.
I am so happy.
I was planning on sending an email but you beat me to it.

Thank you!

Oak Island, North Carolina

October 20, 2016

Good morning Gary,

Although it would have been a pleasure to visit with you again, rest assured that Austin and Becca took very good care of me. And your blessing is prescient about rocking in peace and good health since the second beautiful rocker ends S.'s and my animated competition for the first one.

Your artistic talent is exceeded only by your kindness. Thank you for both!

All best,

Wimberley, Texas

October 11, 2016

Hi Gary! Thanks for checking in. We have received all 4 and unboxed 2 of the 4. Both are flawless in appearance and super comfy. The other shipping crates showed no more wear than the first two, so I think they should be fine. It is that time of year when some of the outside tasks around the house preparing for winter take priority. We should get to open up the last two sometime this week.

Thanks for your dedication to craftsmanship and quality design. Have not found better in any price range!

Thanks again,

Mequon, Wisconsin

October 09, 2016


First — the barstools are amazing. The grain and curl are fantastic, the finish smooth as glass and the workmanship, as always, first-rate. Great work — many thanks. I think those stools represent the 11th and 12th pieces we have of yours, including the Œerrant" chair . . .

. . . I'm fascinated by all the work that goes on in your shop and all of the environmental and safety improvements you are constantly making. You run a pretty cutting-edge operation while managing to produce beautiful art and keep meals on a lot of family tables. That¹s pretty cool.

Best to you, Leslie and all the team.

Glencoe, Illinois

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