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May 27, 2021

Wow, the rocker arrived as promised. The shipping container was fully intact with no signs of being mishandled. After unpacking, the chair was in perfect condition, and beautiful as ever. My mom cried tears of gratitude, and rocked in it with the smile of a happy child on her face. The fit is perfect and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I am sincerely filled with gratitude for the joy that you all have brought to our hearts by creating such a wonderful piece of art that we will enjoy and keep in our family for years to come.

Thank you all once again.
D. B.

Oxnard, California

April 29, 2021


Rocker arrived safely and is more beautiful than I imagined. My husband has been happily rocking since it arrived. He is talking about getting one for me.

Thank you for making the process of ordering, paying, and delivering so easy.

Family members impressed and already claiming as an heirloom 😊

Our grandsons, 2 and 4, have used the delivery box as a garage (they can drive their bikes and cars into it and close the doors) and as a hiding place for hide and seek. Too funny.

Thank you,

Andover, Minnesota

April 11, 2021

Can’t tell you how much we love our rocking chair. M. and papa do story time every night on the chair. Thank you and the team for making such a wonderful memory maker. We hope to pass it on to him one day.

Brooklyn, New York

March 26, 2021

Hi Gary,

We are so pleased with the chair - yet again! B. was blown away by the craftsmanship and how comfortable a chair it is! She said "It is more comfortable than my couch!"

Thank you for helping us carry on this wonderful tradition!

Enjoy your new one!

Lenoir City, Tenneesee

March 14, 2021

Hi Gary and Autumn – the rocker, footstool and table arrived on Friday, March 5th.

I must say, the packing in the those containers was so secure. Everything arrived with our a scratch and shipping boxes showed no sign of being dropped or crushed.

Most importantly, the furniture is lovely and I do believe the rocker will be an heirloom in our family. Many thanks for the fine craftsmanship and good service. Please pass our thanks to your team in shop...

With thanks,

New York, New York

December 21, 2020

Wanted to share how a 25-year-old classic pecan rocker of yours looks with a matching side table you made this year. My mother left me her beloved rocker, and I know she would adore this handsome pair. Your design and craftsmanship are wearing very well !

Thanks again—totally love it!

Portland, Oregon

November 03, 2020

November 3

Hi Gary,

yes, it made it here safe and sound! and you are right, it is a bit unnerving to order something unseen. Frankly, we were slightly surprised by how large it is. However, it does not feel big when you sit in it — and it is so comfortable it is difficult to tell that it is made of hard wood! I love how comfortable it is, the nice craftsmanship, and knowing it is well built and will last many years (or generations…) to come.

Thank you again, and best to you all!

November 4

Let me say that in addition to the great comfort and good construction, I am truly impressed by the attention to detail, such as the centering of grain pattern on the seat and back, and matching grain lines to neighboring wood pieces. Know that it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

I love the chair, its great comfort, its beauty, and its fine craftsmanship. I hope to enjoy it for many years to come. Thank you to you and the team.

Best wishes,

Olympia, Washington

October 15, 2020

Dear Gary,

The rocking chair arrived today and it's gorgeous! Thank you so much. The children in our community will have many years of use.

Kindest regards,

Presque Isle, Maine

October 08, 2020

October 8, 2020

Dear Gary,

Arrived! Unpacked!! Situated!!! My son enthusiastically and most carefully unwrapped the solid crate and placed my priceless possession in the den, its permanent home.

So I came home from work to pure delight. Perfection. Such exquisite craftsmanship!! The chair is even more beautiful than the pictures, with the wood patterns so cleverly assembled. The construction details are flawless. And the smoothness of the wood is simply incredible. This rocker will now provide decades of comfort and soothing pleasure, destined as the family heirloom.

I want to passionately thank you, Gary, for your truly personal and outstanding customer service. You never failed to provide information, honesty, and patience with my endless questions during countless communications throughout the whole process.

Too, I realize the whole team (including your gifted son Austin) participated in the rocker's creation. Thank you to everyone for your very professional work and care. Actually, the Gary Weeks' rocker is a masterpiece of furniture making. Made in America and so very proud of your company and MY new chair!

Most sincerely,

Edina, Minnesota

September 03, 2020

Hi Gary,

The rocker arrived Monday and I have it all set up in the nursery. It's so lovely and comfortable, thank you so much! I know we'll treasure it for many years.


Baltimore, Maryland

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