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December 20, 2018

Hi Gary,

Yes, it was delivered safe, sound and, of course, beautiful. As always.

I had it delivered to our farm in Ware Neck, VA, and our farm manager, C.B., handled the logistics and sent me a picture. I bought it to offer in the annual auction (late January) of the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society, our local area animal shelter near the farm.

One thing is certain… the guests at our auction will have no doubt about the virtues of the magnificent Weeks Rocker!

My congratulations on your life’s body of work and in creating a business and products of such lasting value.

My best regards,


Keswick, Virginia

October 07, 2018

Dear Gary,

Thirty years ago my wife Judith purchased a maple rocker from you for my birthday. Today it looks the same as when it was packaged and delivered to us. I really have not done anything to it except wipe it clean from time to time. The natural oils from my arms have assisted in keeping it’s natural beauty. It has always been a perfect fit ergonomically and is a joy to sit in and read. The chair has moved with us to the Middle East, Los Angeles (Woodland Hills), Washington DC and twice to Austin.

Thank you for your craftsmanship and care.


September 04, 2018

Indeed, we are quite enjoying it! I’ve already informed my kids that they can’t sell it when I die.


Galena, Illinois

May 13, 2018


Everything from start to finish was amazing. The people working with you take pride in every aspect of work being done for your customers. The chair is perfect and my family will enjoy it for generations. Please thank your team for me.

Thank you.


Wilmington, North Carolina

March 27, 2018

Hi Autumn,

I just wanted to let you know that we received our Cherry Rocker today and my husband and I are completely thrilled!! The color is gorgeous, it's so comfortable and the workmanship and care your team has taken in crafting it is evident throughout. I'm just imagining the hours we'll spend rocking our little girl (who is due in 4 weeks!) in the years to come. It's a piece we'll treasure forever — thank you so much!!

I'm also going to pass along to my parents, my wish to have one of the Harris Stools for my birthday too.
If you hear from C.R. in the near future, that's us!!

I hope you have a great evening. Please let your crew know how wonderful their work is!


Sacramento, California

February 27, 2018

Hi Gary,

My parents gave me the Weeks Rocker in pecan in 1995 to celebrate the birth of our first child. Many hours have been spent in that chair reading and dozing a little too! I believe my parents (who live in Fort Worth) came upon your rockers at a bed and breakfast — and hunted you down to place the order.

That rocking chair has moved from Tennesee to Virginia to Florida to Washington State to North Carolina and now resides in Colorado! It has truly traveled coast to coast rocking kids of all ages!

We were thrilled to find you on the Internet — still making the same rocker! We wouldn't change a thing! It is our pleasure to give one to our daughter, B. and her husband to celebrate the same event!

Thank you for your commitment to craftmanship — it is well worth the effort!

Parker, Colorado

February 25, 2018

My walnut rocking chair has been delivered and I am sitting in it as I type this. I love how the back slats conform to my old back and I enjoy rocking away. The workmanship is outstanding. Haven't found one rough spot on it. My husband, a very critical furniture person, cannot find anything negative to say about it. He loves the walnut as do I. I do believe this is now a family heirloom. My husband thinks he might want one but he has a little difficulty standing up from it. He has had knee surgery recently, so I think that might be the problem. My only question now, do I need to keep it oiled down or polished? Even the delivery man was oohing and aahing over it as he helped me take it out of the packing.


Wood River, Illinois

February 14, 2018


The walnut rocker is every thing we expected to be and sure to become a family heirloom for my son and his family, just like the one for my daughters family.


Aurora, Nebraska

February 12, 2018


We are thankful that craftsmen and women like your company's make such high quality functional works of art. Our two walnut rockers, a small end table, and a small foot stool from your company are pieces of furniture we cherish and will use with pleasure. They will ultimately be family heirlooms to pass on to our sons' families.

Your employee, Autumn, who delivered the rocker a few weeks ago, is one dedicated employee to have driven from Wimberly to Kingwood and back to very carefully deliver our second rocker. Thank her for so carefully getting the chair to us.

Best Regards,
M.M. & M.M.

Kingwood, Texas

January 12, 2018

I must send you a picture of some of the grandchildren sitting in the rocker. These beautiful art pieces brought great joy and will be cherished for many years to come. We so enjoyed sitting in our rockers in front of the fireplace during those cold days, and we probably will enjoy them again tonight. It is such a pleasure doing business with you. You are a true delight. Also, Autumn has helped us out a lot as well. Thank you for being on this earth and sharing your beauty with us.

P.R. & J.D.

San Antonio, Texas

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