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January 22, 2021

Hi Gary and team

My good friends R. and C. bough me a cherry rocking chair for my retirement. I’ve been a dental specialist for 30 years, dealing in fractions of a millimetre my whole career. i can honestly say i would let Gary and his team do surgery on me.

The quality of this rocking chair is second to none. Absolutely, amazing.

Thank you very much to you and your team for being so dedicated to perfection.
C. J.

Ottawa, Canada
January 22, 2021

January 12, 2021


The rocker is the only chair I have used since Christmas, it is wonderful. I keep running my hands over it and feeling the perfect edges and transitions. I love the ridge on the front of the rear leg that runs from the crest rail and disappears into the arm rest and the carefully chiseled chamfer where the crest blends into the leg. I keep reaching down to feel the crisp sharp corners of the seat corner against the smooth edges of the rear leg. I tried to find some sign of imperfection and nothing, it is hard to tell that human hands have touched it

The rocker is by far the nicest piece of furniture that I will ever own but on a $ per hour basis I suspect it will end up being the cheapest!

San Jose, California
January 12, 2021

December 21, 2020

Wanted to share how a 25-year-old classic pecan rocker of yours looks with a matching side table you made this year. My mother left me her beloved rocker, and I know she would adore this handsome pair. Your design and craftsmanship are wearing very well !

Thanks again—totally love it!

Portland, Oregon
December 21, 2020

December 12, 2020

December 12, 2020

What a uniquely exquisite shopping experience!! Found Gary’s website searching for a special rocker for my wife. Hand made in USA, high quality wood options, clearly intelligent but subtle design modifications for that’s a great product! What blew me away was a personal phone call from Gary to discuss an inlay question I had, shipping options close to Christmas, any other questions or requests I might have...all with that endearing TX accent and mirrors the authentic and sincere videos on the website. Couldn’t be happier!


Napa, California
December 12, 2020

December 11, 2020

Dear Gary and Team,

The rocker came today and is truly a thing of beauty.

Oddly, I though I had ordered the walnut. That is what I intended to order. But I love the maple, and am warming to it so much that I’m now glad I made the mistake.

Thank you for your craftsmanship and commitment to excellence and quality. The rocker and table are works of art. Plus it is VERY comfortable to sit in!


Indianapolis, Indiana
December 11, 2020

December 10, 2020

Hello Gary
The rocker made it home this morning.
It was packaged very well!
A huge thank you for helping this dream come true. Please let everyone who had a hand in creating this magnificent rocker know how pleased and grateful I am.
With Sincere thanks and a salute for excellent craftsmanship.

Yours truly,

Eatonville, Washington
December 10, 2020

November 08, 2020

The interior designer’s assistant threatened to steal the rockers. They are in heavy rotation now. My wife says she needs somewhere to put her feet so I submitted an order form for a foot stool.

Pacific Beach, Washington
November 08, 2020

November 03, 2020

November 3

Hi Gary,

yes, it made it here safe and sound! and you are right, it is a bit unnerving to order something unseen. Frankly, we were slightly surprised by how large it is. However, it does not feel big when you sit in it — and it is so comfortable it is difficult to tell that it is made of hard wood! I love how comfortable it is, the nice craftsmanship, and knowing it is well built and will last many years (or generations…) to come.

Thank you again, and best to you all!

November 4

Let me say that in addition to the great comfort and good construction, I am truly impressed by the attention to detail, such as the centering of grain pattern on the seat and back, and matching grain lines to neighboring wood pieces. Know that it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!

I love the chair, its great comfort, its beauty, and its fine craftsmanship. I hope to enjoy it for many years to come. Thank you to you and the team.

Best wishes,

Olympia, Washington
November 03, 2020

November 01, 2020

Rocker, table and chairs are wonderful. Sometimes I just stop and grin at them, like a piece of art.

Run my hand over them, feel the thickness of that solid table top, the contours of the rocker arms. I appreciate things that are designed and made well. The pride shows through. That's what I like in my house.


Bexley, Ohio
November 01, 2020

October 15, 2020

Hello Gary and company

Our two mahogany rockers just arrived. They are gorgeous and so comfortable! Gary and the team make exquisite rocking chairs. The design, the ergonomics, the material and the fit and finish are all first rate. Thank you so much! We will enjoy years of reading in your beautiful craftsman chairs.
B. and J.

Mountain View, California
October 15, 2020

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