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December 30, 2011


J.'s rocker arrived as you said in your note. Everything was just fine. We especially enjoyed the hand and foot decoration by your young one on the carton. ;-)

I am a potter by avocation (with some woodworking thrown in). I have always been interested in the integration of form and function, aesthetic and utility, in creating pots and other things. Your chair does so exceptionally well. I can see the attention to detail in both design and execution. A beautiful, can't keep my hands off it rocking chair. Deceptively simple, perfectly executed. Nicely done!

True to your web site, the chair fit everyone in the family, ranging from a small 5'2" to a tall 6'2", whether simply rocking or holding little S. and rocking him to sleep.

We are all delighted. Thank you!


Vienna, Virginia

December 26, 2011

Hi Gary;

K. LOVES the rocking chair. It's hard to pry him out of it! We both thank you so much, its beautiful. I'll try to text you a picture.

Happy New Year,


Annapolis, Maryland

December 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Weeks,

I love the chair! It is really a testament to the craftsmanship and pride of your artisans. Please thank them for creating such a wonderfully usable work of art.

Warmest wishes for the season,

Washington, DC

December 21, 2011

Hi Gary —

The rocker arrived safe and sound and it is just magnificent. I cannot wait to give it to B. He will be over the moon.

Thanks so much for such a treasure and also for such an easy transaction.
Been great dealing with you.

Merry Christmas to you.


Houston, Texas

December 20, 2011

Hello Gary,

Just to let you know the side table arrived and according to the family report it is beautiful beautiful beautiful and the quality, as is the rocker, exceptional.
Gold star on the achievement chart!!
The box it was packed in was of more interest to the grandchild & dog.


Exeter, NS, Australia

December 20, 2011


Your wonderful rocker just arrived. The most comfortable I've ever sat in plus a pleasure to look at.
I'm very pleased with it — Thank you.

Merry Christmas to you and God bless you, your family, and your friends.


Montreat, North Carolina

December 12, 2011

Dear Gary,

The rocker has just arrived as you know by now. For all potential clients, a few words from a skeptical mind: The company is no gimmicks. They ship furniture across the ocean. It arrives when they say it will. And once you have unpacked it, a fine work of art appears. It would be foolish to expect more.

Many thanks again,


December 08, 2011

The honor is mine. Thank you for a beautiful piece of furniture. Please also thank Mrs. Weeks who helped me on the phone with my selection. Another big thank you for doing such wonderful work. I hope you have as much pride of accomplishment as I have pride in my (formerly your) rocker.


Manhattan Beach, California

December 08, 2011

Hi Gary,

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit as well, and also the tour of your workshop; thank you for spending a little time with us! The chair has already found its rightful place in the living room where I sit in it every morning for coffee and every evening for TV watching. Truly the most comfortable rocker I've ever sat in! Thank you again.


Lincoln, Texas

December 08, 2011

Gary, I enjoyed meeting you and I love my rocking chair. It is just beautiful.

Have a wonderful holiday,

Austin, Texas

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