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May 10, 2024

Hi, I just wanted you folks to know again how much V. and I really like this rocker. It is a beautiful piece of furniture. Thank you very much. The other thing again is the shipping box. That's an amazing piece of corrugated engineering.


Phoenix, Arizona

May 02, 2024

Hi, Gary,
...We still play with our shipping boxes. At Thanksgiving, the grandkids made them into a "store," and one is still in our garage as a "cave." Grandkids make everything fun.

Duluth, Georgia

May 02, 2024


The rocker arrived Monday in great shape. Your very impressive crating protected it very well. We enjoyed getting to meet you all in the showroom. The rocker y'all built is an absolute pleasure. Some of the nicest money I've spent.


Phoenix, Arizona

April 19, 2024

Dear “All who make this possible”
We just received our second shipment of dining room chairs, the first shipment being about a year ago. They are wonderful, along with the maple rocker we purchased last year.
My thanks and appreciation are directed at all involved in making such consistently beautiful creations. I speak as a retired farmer who knows the challenges of running a business as well as a beginning woodworker who know the challenges making something that I a proud to have in my house that has no screws holding it together!
Here is a list of my thanks, please let all the ones who had a part in the process know of my love for the excellence of their work.
Design beauty, flowing lines strength functionality
Wood storage all the difficulty involved
Wood selection and cutting for best appearance
The Shop, machines buildings maintained, and safety dust control
Consistency in parts matching
Skills at band saw, courage at table saw
Joinery amazing shoulder and dowel work
Gluing never a crack
Finish sanding and coats of finish, spotless
Care in handling, a ding at the end ruins a lot of work, as I know!
Culture of excellence requires skilled management and dedicated employees
Family continuity a tribute to family dynamics
Great office correspondence
I feel love in your work.
I know I have missed someone, I apologize for that.
How we do what we do really does matter.

L. B.

Ulster, Pennsylvania

December 21, 2023


We are so glad to hear from you.

J. delivered their first baby on the 19th of December. Your Weeks rockers are the most beautiful and comfortable rockers anywhere! One of the best touches we have had is to meet the gal who actually made the rocking chair and delivered the chair! Autumn delivered the chair on the way to her Thanksgiving holiday with family. I was surprised at how young she is and how accomplished she is in woodworking. She delivered a top quality rocker...

You have grown the business so much, I practically don't recognize you. Ken and I bought our rocker several years earlier when your website was a little older and a lot fuzzier in appearance. The website is so professional compared to back then. I first found you by searching the web for rocking chairs that fit both short and tall people. Our family has people from 5 feet to 6'3”...

I love the Weeks rocking chair and frequently have people sit in it just for the experience, because it is such a lovely experience. The balance of the rocker makes for a soothing rock instead of a store bought clunky rock that requires more force to keep it going and "jumps" halfway through the rock because it isn't balanced properly. (think the white porch rockers that are sold everywhere or the more expensive rockers in a furniture store--there is simply no comparison)

Again, your craftsmanship is superb!
Merry Christmas to your family and family of Gary Weeks & Company!

Fountain Inn, South Carolina

November 14, 2023

Dear Austin; I just want to let you know that Autumn delivered my rocker Saturday. What a nice and informative lady! She highlighted the graining of the wood as well as the felt pads on the rocker to protect the wood floor. I’m glad y’all thought of that! I couldn’t be more impressed with Weeks&Company. The service was great and the rocker was outstanding! The cherry wood is beautiful & the rocker is so designed to fit perfectly.It rocks the way I thought a rocker should but rarely found. In gratitude to y’all;D.H.

Houston, Texas

November 13, 2023

Thanks for your note, Gary.

While it was a leap of faith to purchase the chair, it has more than delivered on the promise made. I have enjoyed sitting in it each day since it arrived. I would not hesitate to recommend your work to a friend looking for a rocking chair.

Thx, D.

Scottsdale, Arizona

November 11, 2023

Your pieces are as much artwork as the drawings and paintings I have on the walls.

St. Paul, Minneapolis

October 31, 2023

Hello, everyone! Our cherry rocker arrived today with approximately $500 worth of cardboard, tape and foam. It is beautiful. It must have taken as long to wrap it as it did to make it! Thanks for taking such good care of us. We sing your praises.

Fridley, Minnesota

August 17, 2023

Dear Gary and Austin,

It's been ten months and I just love your beautiful rocker! It is the finest piece of furniture in our home. Your communication, packaging, shipping were exceptional.

But the rocker! It's an absolute masterpiece.

Thank you,

Kansas City, Missouri

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