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September 19, 2003


Arrive it did, midst heraldry and fanfare, trumpets blasting, poets singing (truly) and a hurricane as midwife. The rocker is truly magnificent, easily surpassing my expectations, which were substantial. The birthday boy loved it, as did his wife, on all levels. Further, it is easy to see that they will love it more with each passing day. It reflects truly Smithsonian grade workmanship. Cannot thank you and the crew enough, not only for the rocker but for the entire purchasing experience. So few things defy Murphy's law these days.

Can you send J.W. a copy of the guarantee? He's a lawyer and will be impressed.

Thanks for everything. I have the feeling we'll be in touch again in the future.

P. and I.R.

Roslyn, NY

December 30, 2003

hi gary. we received a cherry rocker about 10 days ago and absolutely love it. the armrests are just very slightly rough and i was wondering what to use to smooth it up a bit without marring the surface? pumice powder ? 600 grit paper?

happy new year!


I am most pleased that you like the rocker and most disturbed about the surface of the arms — disturbed and perplexed. I will send you some sandpaper and some of the oil we use as a finish. Smoothing the surface will be a very simple process, but I regret that you are doing it and not me.

Would you please answer these questions to help me determine the cause and to insure that I send you the right materials for a touch up?

1. Are the arms rough generally or rough in places here and there?
2. When you scrutinize the arms in good light, do you see the spots that you feel?
3. Are there other places on the chair that feel, and look, like the areas that are in question?
4. Did you notice this problem when you first sat? (This question does not imply that you caused the problem. I am the final inspector and likely I failed you.)

Thank you for your order, your understanding, and your wish for a

Happy New Year,
Gary Weeks

[It is hard to get it all right. GW]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

December 31, 2003


thanks for getting back to us so promptly. please do not be distressed by this — it is pretty subtle and is somewhat spotty. yes under good light i can see a difference — the areas look just a tad lighter. these are the only places on the rocker that we have noticed this and it is on both armrests. my wife noticed it when she first sat down. i was not there when it was unpacked but i can't imagine how that would have influenced these areas. i can't tell you enough how much we love this and appreciate your concern.


Roanoke, Virginia

December 14, 2003


Yes, the rocker arrived. Too bad I had to leave soon thereafter, first to India and then to Bahrain where I am now.

Here is my (revised) vision of Paradise: A Gary rocker, a fireplace, a nice view and perhaps a glass of wine. No other furniture! That rocker of yours certainly dominates space. It is just beautiful. And it is comfortable!



Baldwinsville, New York

December 08, 2003

The chair arrived Friday about five in the afternoon.

Though I read the dimensions, it is much bigger than I imagined. It arrived in perfect condition. The workmanship and the wood are beautiful. We are testing it out this week.

Thanks for writing. I'll respond again Friday morning.

Palo Alto, California

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

December 12, 2003


At home, I find myself in the rocking chair reading, watching tv (rare for me), talking on the phone, etc. I can't believe how comfortable the chair is. Comfort definitely takes precedence over size. The chair is definitely a "keeper."

Thank you.

Palo Alto, California​

December 01, 2003

Hi Gary,

I was in SC for Thanksgiving and got to see the rocker in person. It is perfect and I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you and your artisans for such fine craftsmanship.

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child in May and I know the wee one will spend many hours being rocked to sleep in the cherry rocker.

I hope to make it to your shop in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again and I hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Austin, Texas​

November 26, 2003

Hello Gary,

Happy holidays to you and yours in Wimberley. Our new cherry rocker is doing very well, it is well-used and well loved by both the new baby and the new mom. In fact, I rocked the baby to sleep in the chair just yesterday.

I'm writing primarily to make a suggestion about your website that might help sell a few more rockers. I bought our rocker after finding the web site through Google and spending many hours reading the entire site and looking at all of the pictures multiple times. It would have helped me to make the decision if I could have seen even larger versions of the great photos you have on the site.
[C., I hope we get to it. Thank you. Gary]


Ithaca, NY

November 24, 2003


Just got home and unwrapped the bubble wrap. (My wife was kind enough to let me do the unveiling.) Gorgeous was the first word that came to mind. Your workmanship is truly lovely and the one concern I had — the mesquite pattern would be too busy — turned out to be totally unfounded. I am SO GLAD I treated myself to that wood.

Your creation immediately took over the corner next to the fireplace in the bedroom. It sits next to an adobe accent wall under a recessed light that has a dimmer. It is at the moment under a 1/3 power dimmer . . . glowing.

Thank you very much. I intend to get a LOT of pleasure out of your creation and pass it on with delight to whoever the hell lasts longer than I do. I know the chair will :).



Albuquerque, NM

November 24, 2003


I love the looks of my rocking chair . . . I hope someday to be given an opportunity to sit in it. My wife has apparently decided it is intended for her exclusive use. Every visitor has to try it and all rave about the quality of the work, especially the finish. I'll be ordering again soon.


El Centro, California

November 20, 2003

Hi Gary,

Love the motion! Love the wood — especially the way it was harvested! . . . Love the chair! And great timing too :-0

Thank you for your help and beautiful workmanship!


Washington, DC

November 13, 2003

Dear Gary,

The chair arrived in perfect condition and we both love it!!

M. & J.W.

Parsippany NJ

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