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November 03, 2023

Wow, you guys are amazing!

The furniture is literally stunning. The desk, the library table, the side table, the rocker and the stool are all beautiful, clearly well made and each a work of art on its own. The flame birch shimmers as we move around it. The wood matching on the drawers is perfect. The design and construction, timeless and solid.


St.Paul, Minnesota

October 08, 2023

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! The desk and cupboard you built [in 2014] for us here in Sacramento remains well loved. You guys are the real deal.

Best Wishes
K. D.

Sacramento, California

April 26, 2022

Gary -

It has been our pleasure to work with your company. The new desk looks great and I am excited to have it. It is fun to see it on your website. Austin was great to work with on designing the desk.

...I appreciate the craftsmanship of Gary Weeks & Company.

Regards - P.

Austin, Texas

January 27, 2022

The coffee table is gorgeous! I plan to order a plant table or bookcase to complete “mom’s walnut room” as my family now calls it. I couldn’t be happier! Your rocker was the beginning of a wonderful furniture buying experience. I’d like to refurnish many rooms from your company.


Stow, Ohio

October 05, 2018

Hi Gary,

Thanks for touching base. And thanks for the desk, stool and cabinet that are changing my life, for the better. Enjoy your trip.


Boston, Massachusetts

April 01, 2015

Hello Becca and Gary,

The desk and cabinet arrived yesterday and we are absolutely thrilled with them. The detail, wood and artistry are obvious and we want to thank you so much. A part of you will always be with us. The desk is in it's new spot but we are going to have to wait until our bathroom remodel is finished (3 more weeks or so) to mount the cabinet — we have to bribe some friends with dinner to get it done because I don't think my husband and I will be able to do it ourselves. It will be a cabinet mounting party. We will send you photos when it's all in place. We really do love them.


Sacramento, California

March 25, 2015


The desk arrived today in perfect condition. I set it up, and it's works exactly as expected -— a beautiful addition to my home office. Thanks a lot! I really like the way you set up the keyboard tray with the flip-out front and magnetic catch. The only comment I have is that the function keys (F1–F12) on my keyboard just skim the top of the opening as I close the tray. This is not a problem, but it would be if my keyboard were just a little taller. There may be some such keyboards around, so you might want to consider increasing the height of the opening in future versions of the desk. Just a suggestion . . .


Madison, Wisconsin

February 07, 2014

Dear Gary, Just a quick note to say that the desk arrived and is fabulous. It fits the space perfectly, It is so beautiful, the wood, the pulls on the drawers, the lines. I have been inspired to clear away all my papers, just to have a clean desk — for the desk. So this is a grand success. Thanks very much,


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

February 06, 2014

The custom desk you built for us arrived in perfect condition and ahead of what had been first scheduled. It is a beautiful piece of furniture, its design and craftsmanship surpassed our hopes, and we are very pleased with it. In fact, we have been very pleased with all our dealings with your company from the beginning of the process. Your honesty, efficiency, and thoughtful consideration at every stage have made us feel like old friends and not the first-time-customers-living-a-thousand-miles-away that we actually are. Thank you. I expect we will be doing business together again.


Ojai, California

April 10, 2012


Thanks for the note. The furniture arrived last Thursday. I met Joseph (he is an exceptional employee and speaks well for your company) and we put all the furniture in my house and I've been out of town since Thursday.

I'm pleased with your work and the outcome. I'm glad I happened upon your web site and chose to have you build this furniture.

I need to level my elliptical table (the floor is slightly uneven.) And, I'm missing four of the chair leg pads (the inset holes are there, but the pads are missing.)

I'll send photographs to you in a few days so you can show off your work. You can always use me as a reference Customer.


Birmingham, Alabama

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