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December 21, 2023


The Weeks rocker arrived in great condition and my wife helped unpack the box. (I tried to make it a surprise, but she figured things out from the picture not the box.)

My wife then proceeded to sit in the chair for the next few hours, marveling at the comfort, fit, and finish.

She did the same thing the next day.

Thank you.


Raymond, Nebraska

February 26, 2023

Oh, great - so glad to hear it! We have received a few photos from A., and he (and his family) are really enjoying the rocker!

Thank you for your beautiful work, and for being so easy to work with,


Dubuque, Iowa

January 25, 2023

My parents were blown away by the first one. 2 days after Christmas my Dad texted me "we can't stop staring at the rocker" lol.


Dallas, Texas

October 14, 2022

Nineteen years ago, I received a cherry Weeks Rocker as a gift when my youngest was born. Unsurprisingly, it has become my most cherished piece of furniture, and the one most admired by others who visit my home. I have long wanted to add a matching footstool to it, and the time has come!
Kind regards, L.

Brooktondale, New York

July 19, 2022

Both rockers were received. They were sent to two colleagues who retired and both were very pleased with the quality and thoughtfulness of the gift.

This is the second time I have placed an order with you and once again your communication and craftsmanship was outstanding!

Thank you.

Alpharetta, Georgia

May 06, 2022

Hi Gary,
... My wife loves the footstool as well as the rocker. When she’s just looking to relax, that’s the chair she goes to. Having the stool allows her to put her feet up so now we have the complete package. The craftsmanship was again first rate. I do love the feel as well as the design of the furniture.
Thanks for these wonderful gifts I was able to give to my wife.

McGaheysville, Virginia

March 21, 2022

I did receive it. It is incredible. Thank you so much, can’t wait for another occasion/excuse to gift another.


Phoenix, Arizona

March 18, 2022

Hi Gary,
My son said they absolutely love the rocker! Thanks so very much for everything.

Modesto, California

January 20, 2022

Hi Gary,

My wife was quite surprised when she received the rocker and as you would probably expect, my wife loves it. The shape is perfect along with the woodwork. She was also amazed that while it fits her at 5’3” is also fits me at 6’1”. I’m not sure how you accomplished that because we’ve never found a rocker that both of us like. At present, she plans to share it with me. We’ll see how that works out!

From my perspective, I was amazed at the care you took in sending the rocker. It could have been picked up at your factory from the looks of the packaging right off the truck. Upon opening the box, I was exceptionally pleased with the care you took in making sure the rocker would have not even a scratch upon arrival. Your rocker is the best packaged item I’ve ever bought.

Thanks for all your help to make our 50th anniversary a special day for both of us.


McGaheysville, Virginia

August 04, 2021

Hi Gary!

Thank you for your lovely note, from one grandparent to another. :)

I am feeling proud of myself as a grandmother for purchasing a Weeks Rocker for my daughter L. and her husband A. to celebrate the birth of their first child. What a perfect idea for us to give them that rocking chair, and what a spectacular job you and your team did creating it! It's truly amazing--a beautiful, functional centerpiece in their home. Whenever I head over to their house to wallow in my grandma role, I spend nearly the entire visit sitting in that lovely, comfortable rocker. And I hear that when I'm not there hogging it, it is enjoyed by L. and A. and Baby H. almost continuously.

A couple of weeks after H. was born, her other grandparents (A.'s parents) came out from South Dakota to visit and meet her. L. said the VERY first words uttered upon their arrival, walking into the house, were by A.'s dad (an artist), who gasped and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, WHERE did you get that CHAIR? I have never seen anything so well made. It's truly a work of art.” ... and for the duration of their 4-day visit they were rocking H. in it, taking turns.

Please share our grateful story with your team. I'm sure one of the wonderful aspects of working at Gary Weeks & Company is the opportunity to make beautiful things for real people who treasure them every single day, which we absolutely do. Thank you all

Best regards,

Gig Harbor, Washington

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