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September 04, 2018


My mom was beyond thrilled with the beautiful walnut rocker! The rocker sits proudly in the library by the fireplace-just like when she was growing up. Many years of comfort and gentle to and fro await her. Thank you for making her day extra special for us with something handcrafted with love.


Blair, Nebraska

May 29, 2018

Hi Autumn!!

It was great to meet you and thank you for hand delivering the chair! G loves it . . . We went inside and she cried . . . it was something she's wanted for a long time!!

She loves it!

Thank you and the Weeks family!

Take care


Early, Texas

May 18, 2018


They received it and love it!! Thanks so much for your excellent craftsmanship and phenomenal customer service!!


McClean, Virginia

May 09, 2018

Hi Gary,

B. and her husband are thrilled with the chair! We are huge fans!

I am glad to hear you enjoyed a great vacation! Owning a business can be taxing.

We will purchase again!


Parker, Colorado

January 30, 2018

Hi Gary,

Each of my two daughters has one of your rockers and loves it. Unfortunately, I only have two. ;) I do have a son so there is hope for yet another wedding gift.

My husband of 36 years and the love of my life just passed away. The kids and I are all together this week. Within one hour of our getting all together your loved rockers were part of our conversation. Perhaps one day I will have to buy one for myself. (I was secretly hoping to win one. Lol!)

Thank you.


San Diego, California

January 17, 2018


Thank you for your email. I purchased these rockers to give to two men who have worked for my company for over 30 years. They were not Rolex guys. I had some custom boots made for them and we gave them these rocking chairs. I wanted something unique. Your rockers were perfect. Thank you.


Nacogdoches, Texas

October 30, 2017

...We feel very blessed to have you guys close by in and to have the opportunity to buy such beautiful handmade furniture from you. When we visited, it was my first chance to meet Gary. I felt like I was meeting a humble rock star, it was the greatest thing ever.
Can't wait to see our rockers when they're ready and gift them to our kids.

M.A.B. & R.B.

Driftwood, Texas

June 29, 2017

Dear Gary,

The chair is absolutely gorgeous piece of art work. I am more than happy with the finished chair.

I decided to give it to my husband early for his birthday instead of trying to hide it. Besides he may have gotten a few too many laughs for getting a rocking chair on his 70th Birthday. At any rate he does love it and it looks very nice in our living room. I especially like that the rockers are lined with protective strip so it doesn't mar the hardwood floors.

It was a pleasure working with you, thanks again.

A. N.

Ellicottville, New York

May 31, 2017


I apologize for not writing sooner — it has been a bit of a whirlwind since we picked it up on Saturday. We only opened it last night. We thought we would try not to but we just couldn't resist taking it out of the crate. It is exquisite . . . I love how the grains match so beautifully. It is truly a work of art.

Of course, we could not resist sitting in it if only briefly and oh my, it is so comfortable. It holds the body just so . . . as if it were made to measure for each one who sits in it. No doubt our family will spend long hours daydreaming in that perfect chair. Indeed, I write stories for my grandchildren and I can already feel one coming on about the magic rocker that will take you anywhere your imagination can go; the magic rocker that fits every body just so. Imagine the adventures that will be had for generations in that perfect chair!

We haven't given the gift yet as we will present it to them on their wedding which is June 21, 2017. Honestly, we are tempted to keep it so it is a good thing the initials are on the chair as we can't hide the fact that it is actually for F.!! We do know that they will love it as much as we do and that it will become a family heirloom.

Oh and I should add that I did not end up having to pay duty. The very kind Canadian Border Officer asked me what was in the crate and I told her the truth. The perfect rocker, hand made in Texas and a wedding gift. She smiled and said have a nice day and a beautiful wedding. So despite a moment of confusion your perfect rocker is already creating good relations!

Many, many thanks
B. & family

Vancouver, British Columbia

February 28, 2017


Hello . . . And thank you. It's been good to work with you as well. I appreciate your understanding on the quantity adjustments as needs changed. I'm just thinking how to sum up what can be said about the rockers . . . they're just wonderful. You and yours are obviously very skilled at what you do. What a great way to honor W.'s retirees.

Wishing you a fine spring!

G. S.

Geneseo, Illinois

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