The Otwell Side Table

Cherry $770 with shelf $1025

Walnut $825 with shelf $1075

Maple $850 with shelf $1100

Mesquite $1250 with shelf $1650

Mahogany $825 with shelf $1075

Often in stock. 
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Dimensions: 15" x 23" x 24" High
Optional shelf is 10" from floor.

Sometimes you want to put your stuff down.

IP 488

This little table serves a rocker or two as a tender--
keeping book or beverage at hand and holding a light.


We turn the legs to a taper that echoes the shape of the rocking chair front leg. The aprons are mortised through the legs. We drive wedges into the ends of the tenons to secure and reveal the construction. The tops are varnished, except for the mahogany tables that live on covered porches, they are oil finished.