The rockers on a Weeks Rocking Chair are bent laminations.
The grain of the wood follows the curve, making them very strong for their cross section.

We saw the strips for laminating on the table saw. We use an extended fence, an extended table, a wooden tool for holding and guiding, and a special saw blade with a stiffener.

We sand them to .280".

We glue the laminations and clamp them between forms on a table we built for the purpose that provides vertical pressure to line them up.

We profile the top and sides at the shaper using a fixture.

Gary and Autumn profiling rockers at the shaper

Among the other steps of boring and sanding, we profile the ends on the pump sander.

Because we glue these strips together just as they were sawn, book-matching the top surfaces, the laminations almost disappear. Most patrons haven't seen them after years of rocking.