Our patrons, suppliers, and neighbors are essential to our success.

We build furniture and relationships.
If we can advance our craft, we will.
We try to make this part of the Hill Country better.
Sometimes, a rocking chair can benefit some people in need.


We consider an order placed with us to be the beginning of a relationship not a transaction that ends with delivery. We aren't going to send ads to your inbox or Facebook page. (You might get a newsletter once or twice a year, unless you decline.) But if we can do something for you, we will. If you have a problem, we'll do our best to fix it.

We hope you have an occasional thought of us when you rock or dine.

    Michael S. came to the shop to pick out a rocker 17 years after we built him a desk. By chance, a week later, I found a photo (film, printed) of him and me on the porch of the showroom. When I sent it to him, he suggested a re-shoot. He still had the same coat. I still had the same hat and sweater. Tanya came.


    Furniture making has a long tradition and short rations. It's hard to make a living. If we can help someone trying, we will.

    I gave a talk at a Furniture Society Conference on how we had made it so far. After his talk, I had a conversation with Wendell Castle, who made it much farther and who has inspired many. From the podium, his take on knowledge of craft verified and articulated mine: "Share everything you know."


    We're fond of Fischer Hall, local community center, scene of song, dance, family, food, and fest for a century. We fixed a structural failure, and hope we have ensured another century for it.

    We oppose the poor judgement and greed that can lay waste to a place.

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    Helping Out

    We give rocking chairs to other regional organizations and to local individuals a time or a few times a year.

    At benefit auctions, our rocking chairs usually bring more than the selling price.

    We have been bi-annual supporters of the West Texas Rehabilitation Center since 2007.

    rocking chair for West Texas Rehab Center benefit

    Devils River Auction