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Heart of Texas Pecan




We build rocking chairs of these, and sometimes other, fine woods or combinations of woods. All are strong and hard enough for long service. The chairs are identical in contour and comfort, but they are custom in the sense of "made to order and extra fine." Our rockers may be customized.

We stand behind our craftsmanship.

the company behind the rocking chairs

If you honor us with the order of a rocker, we guarantee that it is the best and the most comfortable rocking chair that you have ever experienced, or you may return it, and we will refund all your money and pay for shipping both ways.

We can make this promise because:

      The angels are in the details.

      In addition to our promise that you will be happy with a rocker:

      We, Gary Weeks and Company, guarantee that our rocking chairs will be delivered without damage or loss. We assume the risk of shipping.

      And, a Weeks Rocker® is guaranteed for the life of the original purchaser against defects in materials or workmanship. Our rocking chairs are museum quality and farm duty.

        We welcome your email, phone call, request for FaceTime, or visit to the shop.

        We have a network of patrons and a motherlode of comments.

        January 25, 2022

        Hi Gary,

        Thank you for reaching out. The rocker is absolutely wonderful. It is better than I could have ever imagined. C. loves it and basically can not stop talking about how much he loves it. The wood is so soft, the shape and size is perfect. It is currently living in our living room because he would like to sit in it by the fire every night of the winter before moving out to the porch for spring.

        Thanks again for such wonderful craftsmanship and customer service. It means the world!


        Sunderland, Vermont

        A Happy Couple

        Two rocking chairs and view of a lake

        These two rockers provide comfort and repose at an Ozark lodge.

        We get calls to the effect, "We sat in your chairs. They fit our backs. They quieted our minds. We had to know who made them and found your name branded on the bottom. Send us one. (or two)"

        We designed the Weeks Rocker in the winter of 1991-92. In the years since, my son, Austin, and I have built a business on the comfort, beauty, and workmanship of our rocking chairs and dining chairs--more to the point, we have built a business on the satisfaction and enthusiasm of our patrons.

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