The Best Rocking Chair for Nursing and the Nursery

The title above seems a boast, but is a promise.
If our rocking chair is not the best for your family,
you may return it for a full refund including shipping both ways.


The Weeks Rocker® is excellent for nursing

and nurturing* because it was designed and 

tested to be.


  • The seat is generous and scooped deeply to relieve pressure on the hipbones.
  • The back splats support the lumbar and relieve the muscles of the lower back.
  • The motion is balanced and near effortless.
  • The headrest supports the head. (Unless you are very tall or long of body.)
  • The armrests are positioned, pitched, and contoured to softly support the arms as they nestle a baby or child.  This is profound.
  • The chair is comfortable for even those occasional long sessions when it's not so much fun.


*We include "nurturing" as a given corollary to "nursing." All the family benefits from rocking the babies, reading to the children, making memories.

Working for Families is Part of the Calling of Craftsmanship

Some of the most centered, contented, and cherished times of our lives were spent rocking our children. So making a chair for people to rock theirs feels like important work.

Hearing from Families is Much of the Reward

August 26, 2023

The chair has arrived safely in Nashville and is now in a place of honor in the baby’s room. It is such a lovely piece!! My daughter and her husband have a sense of humor, and I wanted to share a few texts from them:
S. (...husband): “You can feel the quality.”
S. : “This chair seems to be saying ‘I am what furniture is supposed to be. I don’t know about the other stuff you guys you put in here, though.”
The chair to the other pieces in the baby room: “Back when I was being assembled by master craftsmen…oh sorry, you guys were cobbled together with Allen keys on a Saturday morning, weren’t you?”

Sincerely yours,

Texarkana, Texas

Hear from Parents


Your Child Can Rock His or Her Grandchildren in the Same Chair


After the children have decided that they would rather read to themselves, one of our custom rocking chairs has no shabby upholstery, broken springs, or failing mechanisms. It remains a favorite place to sit for family and guests...while it waits for the next generation.


When a worthy object has a family’s history invested in it, it becomes an heirloom. We build them.

Of Note:

We have observed that often:

  • Grandparents order a rocker for their children in the first trimester of a pregnancy.
  • Expectant mothers order a rocker for themselves in the second.
  • Expectant fathers order a rocker for their mates on the due date.