Repairing Dull Spots in Our Oil Finish

Items needed for the repair:

  • 600, or 1000 grit sandpaper
  • Superfine Abralon pad or Scotch Bright type nylon “steel wool”
  • Oil finish: Our mix, Fornsby’s Tung Oil Finish, Minwax Antique Oil, or similar
  • Wiping cloth: old tee shirt or similar cotton cloth

We can send a repair kit with the above items and these instructions for $50 or you can round them up.

Work with good ventilation. Drying time is critical. 24 hours is adequate at 70 degrees and 50% relative humidity. Wait 48 hours or more if cooler and damper.

1. Sand very lightly with 1000G sandpaper…or skip this step. We sand if the grain is raised or if there are spots of moisture penetration.

2. Buff with the Abralon or Scotch pad.

3. When buffing or sanding, work with the grain and use time rather than pressure, that is: more strokes with a light touch rather than bearing down with a few strokes. Feather the edges and lightly sand to some "break" in the plane or part—for example, sand or buff the whole seat scoop, not just a spot.

4. With a small square of cloth (3x3") wet the areas with the oil and varnish mix.

5. Rub the oil on and in, keeping the surface wet and lubricated by adding oil and rubbing for 5-10 minutes. Again work to a break or feather the edge.

6. Rub in and wipe off all excess oil with the dry cloth or an old t-shirt. Be sure to wipe off any oil spots that got on the chair somewhere else by splash or drip.

7. Let the area dry allowing more time for cool and damp conditions.

8. If required, repeat the process, except do not use sandpaper and buff very lightly.

NOTE: Oily cloths and pads can spontaneously combust. Hang them outside to dry until crusty, then they can be put in the trash.

Call or email if you have any questions.

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