Special Edition Rocking Chairs

From time to time, we find extraordinary wood and make a rocking chair of it.

A Select White Ash Weeks Rocker 


Fraxinus Americana--the scientific name for white ash. I don't know what Fraxinus means but it sounds like a tough and hardworking wood that you might want to make a baseball bat, ax handle, or rocking chair out of. American it is. 

The figure of ash is prominent. The trees grow straight and tall making the figure relatively easy to match.

Ash is similar to oak in figure, color, and strength. In fact, during the "Golden Oak" period of American furniture, 40% of that furniture was ash.

We buy a little ash from time to time from Kane Hardwoods. It grows on land certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The emerald ash borer is endangering this species in the eastern forest. It may go the way of the chestnut.

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