Special Edition Rocking Chairs

From time to time, we find extraordinary wood and make a rocking chair of it.

Weeks Rocker in Heart of Texas Pecan

$4700 with matching footstool

Pecan is difficult wood.  Hard.  Hard to dry.  Hard to match because the ratio of sapwood to heartwood is unfavorable--there is more creamy white, not very interesting sapwood than rich, brown heartwood.  The heartwood from tree to tree is various in color and figure.  These problems are greater in the trees that grow in Central Texas--hardscrabble country.  The wood in this chair has the very best that Texas pecan can offer: color superb, figure active.  Note the book match in the back splats.  The wood in this chair has been cut and dried by the Berdoll Sawmill: the best and only one we'll deal with for pecan.

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