Wood as a Medium

Wood expresses form, surface, color, figure, ...and utility.


We sculpt wood into line and form and contour—animating light and shadow—pleasing the eye with proportion, balance, and harmony. A truly comfortable chair expresses a human form in negative. It calls. Invites.

Rocking Chair Close Up Back View, B&W


Touch is at the root of sensibility. To enliven our furniture, we shape, we sand, we polish. There is a tactile and emotional difference between the feel of a wooden surface, sculpted and polished, and any other material.

hand on rocking chair arm


The woods we use are prized for their texture and color. They provide a palette.

wood samples


The growth rings of a tree are displayed on the face of wood as lines and patterns. We select and cut to create a coherent composition of figure within each piece of furniture.

walnut rocking chair seat, overhead view


Child Sleeping in a Rocking Chair