Wimberley Visitor's Guide, Spring and Summer 2018

Wimberley: Devoted to the Arts

Wimberley Spring

A [...] longtime member of the [Wimberley] artistic community is dedicated woodworker Gary Weeks of Gary Weeks and Company. The father and son business, run by Gary Weeks and his son Austin, is a prized member of the arts community. Founder Gary Weeks has dedicated himself to the craft and art of woodworking and his development 25 years ago of his own specific style of rocking chair. Despite what may seem at first glance a simple chair, Weeks has developed a sculptural form that cradles the human body with organic lines that blur the boundaries between function and art. “Comfort in those chairs is extremely important. If the chair fits a human it’s expression in negative of a human’s form which has always been the source of sculpture in art,” said Weeks. “So we take the elements of comfort, support and the outline of the body and try to refine that into a clean simple contemporary, yet rooted in tradition, look.” Each item that comes out of Weeks’ workshop shows his dedication to using the finest woods available and the evolution of his speed and technique. In his work you can see the echo of the terrain around him as Weeks himself will attest. “The landscape and terrain are conductive to an organic and rooted sort of creative drive,” said Weeks.

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