Floor Protection

Hard surface floors need protection from chair and stool legs.

chair legs on floor

Dense Felt

...is the best protection.

There are two common ways of applying the felt:

  • peel and stick adhesive, which doesn't keep the pads from squirming off to the side.
  • screw-on or nail-on glides, which are ugly and can deeply scratch the floor when they fail.

We Have an Innovation

We built a machine to bore a recess in the bottoms of the chair legs to receive heavy duty felt discs:

  • The felt stays in place.
  • If the felt wears out, we'll send you some more.


The felt provides surprisingly little resistance to sliding on rugs or carpet, so we put them on all the chairs. This allows the chairs to be freely used in locations with different floors. If your chairs will always be used on carpet and you wish to have hard plastic glides, please let us know. We have some that fit in the recess.