The Mitchell Trestle Table

The table is our interpretation of this basic structure: boards spanning a braced frame.


  • The top overhangs the trestle 16" at each end. This provides room for your knees and room to tuck a chair most of the way under between meals.
  • 36" is as narrow as is practical for service.
  • 80" is as short as possible for two chairs to fit between the trestles on the sides and for someone to sit at each end.
  • Tables 80-96" in length have three uprights at each end and one cross member between.
  • Tables 97-120" in length have four uprights at each end and two cross members between.


  • Respecting the givens, we can build the table to suit the space and the seating.
  • We can assist with space planning.
  • You may choose cherry, walnut, maple or request another.
  • You may choose the edge treatment.
  • You may choose the preparation and the finish of the top. Tabletop Finishes.

Mitchell Trestle Tables 80" to 96" Long

(three uprights at each end)

Mitchell trestle table and Wilson dining chairs in setting
  seats cherry walnut maple
42" x 84" 6-8 $4250 $4800 $5000
42" x 96" 8-10 $4500 $5250 $5500

For other widths or for other lengths up to 96", please inquire.

Mitchell Trestle Tables longer than 96"

(four uprights at each end)

  seats cherry walnut maple
44" x 108" 8-10 $5150 $6100 $6200
44" x 118" 8-12 $5850 $7150 $7200

For other widths or lengths, please inquire.

July 15, 2004


they're here!

and they are STUNNING. absolutely gorgeous. the proportions with the new leg bracings are perfect. thanks so much, Gary. these will be a family treasure for many generations!

also, our table has some reddish and gold hues that, if memory serves, were not nearly as present when the table was first built 6 years ago. the dining room faces west with huge picture windows across the west wall. would sunlight bring out those shades in walnut, or is that a function of the finish, or just a different color of walnut?

after many long years of searching, we finally have chairs that look like they were made for our lonely table. AND the arrival couldn't have been more perfectly timed. thanks again, Gary. keep in touch, and if you ever come thru nashville, make sure you let us know.


Nashville, Tennessee

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