Sculptural Elements

sculptural view of our rocking chair

Our chairs are the mirror image of a human form, an ideal in negative...
the subject of sculpture for millennia.

By careful handwork we bring the form to life.

A machine can make a continuous shape of constant profile.
A craftsman can sculpt an intersecting shape of changing profile.

hand and rasp sculpting chair leg

We carry the plane of the crest rail onto, through, and out of the back legs to create a play of light and shadow.

walnut rocking chair closeup of crest

We bevel the bottom of our Wilson and Williams chair seats to make the seats visually thinner to the front. This bevel serves unseen, but when you reach around the seat you feel it. We have seen dozens and dozens of people smile and pet this little change in angle of surface.

dining chair seat bottom, close-up

The arm of our rocking chair appears to grow out of the back leg.

(And the strength of that connection rivals that of limb to trunk.)

cherry rocking chair arm close up