Notes on Arm Chairs

arm chair, dining table, and flowers in vase

The arms of our dining chairs:

  • support the elbows and forearms.
  • allow the chair to tuck under tables when not in use.
  • are integral to the architecture of the chair.
  • are strongly anchored and attached.

Arm Height

We determined the location of the arms by testing, asking many people to sit and comment on various heights and shapes. We found that to be useful, dining chair arms need to be 9" above the seat. This optimum location for comfort and utility places the arms 27" from the floor.

Autumn in arm chair by table, close up

Arm Length

Many tables have an apron which limits clearance above the floor to about 26". Chair arms at the optimum height will therefore contact table aprons. We do not extend the arms to the front of the seat for this reason. At table, they are long enough, just right.

arm chair and table apron reference


Wilson arm chair back view

robust, exposed joinery

shaped to fit your arms.