Autumn and Audra wrapping rocking chairs

When your furniture is picked up by a carrier, we are still working for you.
If you have a problem with a carrier, we will solve it.
If the furniture is damaged or lost, we will repair or replace it.
You will not have to file a claim or haggle with a bureaucracy.

Locations and Prices

to the 48 States

For a rocking chair, footstool, and or side table, add 10% to the price of the item.
Exception: For some locations there may be an additional "beyond" charge assessed by the carrier. This will be given to you for your approval before we book an order; it will not be a surprise.

For dining chairs, dining tables, barstools, or custom items please call, text, or email for a quote.

to Alaska and Hawaii

Upon request, we will give you a firm price and description of the routing and delivery.

to Canada

We will give you a firm price (in US dollars) for the delivery, customs brokerage fees, and any taxes due. We will invoice and collect these amounts. The furniture will be delivered to your address with no further amounts due.

Your credit card company can make the currency exchange.

to Other International Addresses

Rocking Chairs

We have shipped rocking chairs to every continent except Antarctica. We crate them and ship them air freight. We can give you a firm price for delivery to the nearest international airport. Sometimes we can get a firm price for local delivery--but not for every location. Consider picking up a chair at the airport or arranging for the final delivery with the best local carrier. Crated chair dimensions are 74cm x 110cm x 130cm (H), 32kg.

Other Furniture

We have shipped dining furniture to Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Australia. This requires a crate designed for the order. Usually such crates go into containers for ocean freight. We may be able to arrange and price the final delivery from dock to your location, but we strongly suggest that you make those arrangements. We can outline the parameters and help, but we just don't have access to all the possible carriers.

Final Delivery to Your Home or Business

Our international carrier has ceased local deliveries to residences in most countries. Sometimes we can arrange for delivery to your door and charge you for it. But usually the price and service are better if you arrange it and pay for it upon delivery; we can help, but we do not have access to all the possible carriers or the time to learn those ropes.

Duties and Taxes

We cannot quote or collect any duties or taxes or determine if there are any. We will give you the shipment details and a local contact, so you can get a quote. Any duties and taxes will be collected upon final delivery to you.

Terms and Steps

In the process of your decision to order, we will provide you with:

  • the price of the furniture,
  • the price of the crating,
  • the price of insurance,
  • the price of delivery to the receiving location in your country,
  • a contact in your country for determining any duties or taxes,
  • suggestions for arranging the final delivery,
  • a method of payment that will account for the exchange rate,
  • the date we will ship the order,
  • a deposit amount due with the order,
  • the final balance due before the shipping date.



We crate rocking chairs, 1-4 dining chairs or barstools, and smaller items in our shop. 

As standard and fundamental, we:

  • strategically wrap the furniture with multiple layers of bubblewrap,
  • construct crates of multiple layers of reinforced cardboard with corner protection,
  • glue foam pads to the crate everywhere the furniture will touch or be near the inside of the crate. 
  • ship LTL with the same carrier and agents we have used since 2006.

Custom Crated

For some orders, some items, some locations, we build hell-for-stout plywood crates.

Blanket Wrapped

Dining tables, sets of dining chairs or barstools, cabinets are wrapped in blankets in our shop and in our presence.  Joseph, Juan, and Carlos have been coming here to wrap since 2007.

The furniture will be set where you specify and all debris removed

Picked Up at the Shop

You may come for your furniture and we'll be glad to see you. Please make an appointment and bring pads, blankets, straps, tarp etc. We will load your furniture to ride. 8.25% sales tax is due on all furniture picked up at the shop.