Dining Chair or Barstool Test

If you are considering a set of dining chairs or barstools, we recommend that you test one.

How does this work?


If you think you might want three or more of our dining chairs or barstools and want to see one:


We will wrap a side chair or barstool in furniture pads, put it in a box, and ship it by FedEx Ground so you can:

  • sit in it and verify that it is comfortable.
  • scrutinize it for design, workmanship, and finish.
  • be sure you like it.

Note: For the test, we ship pieces from the showroom that show a little "shop and travel wear." They come back. If you order a set, it will be new and well matched.


How is the Chair or Barstool Returned?


When you are done,

  • wrap up the piece in the pads it came in.
  • put it back in the box and tape the top.
  • call us or send an email.


We'll have FedEx pick it up, or you can drop it off at a FedEx shipping location--either way, it ships back at our expense, and the paperwork will be prepared for you.

Is there a deposit?

No. Until someone steals a chair or stool and we reconsider, there is no deposit. We ask you to trust us to deliver what we say when we say. It's only fair to take a chance on you.