Our Dining Chairs

Comfortable for long conversations after dinner.
Handmade to last for you and your heirs.

Wilson dining chairs and table in setting 1

With a set of our dining chairs, you won't leave the table looking for a comfortable place to sit.

To Verify Comfort, Beauty, Versatility, and Workmanship

If you are considering the purchase of 3 or more of our dining chairs, we will send a side chair to you at our expense. We'll have it picked up after a week or so. No charge to you.

By Design

Our dining chairs:

  • hold you upright, alert, and in good posture
  • support your lumbar
  • relieve pressure on your hipbones and
  • hold you back against the lumbar support
  • are comfortable for a long meal and conversation
  • play with light and shadow
  • are graceful, fluid, and supple
  • reveal their construction
  • have a high strength to weight ratio
  • are light and easy to move in and out at the table.

By Craftmanship

Our dining chairs:

  • are impeccably joined
  • are sculpted to fair curve and true contour
  • are sensuous to touch
  • have an artful composition of wood figure within the form
  • will remain sturdy into their heirloom years and beyond.

By Reviews, our dining chairs are proven.

July 25, 2017

Hi Gary –

I've had my set of chairs for a few months now, and I've been meaning to get back to you, and this is as good a time as any.

The chairs are fabulous. The design, construction and finish are flawless. They are just what I was looking for. I only have a few friends who can tell a good chair from a bad chair, but the ones who can have picked them out right away. I'm proud to have them at our table.

We've had a bunch of dinners with friends and family around our big table since we got the chairs. Good company, good food and good conversation are the centerpiece of our home, and sitting in your chairs while I watch a pleasant evening unfold has made many evenings even more pleasant.

You do good work. Thank you.


Corvallis, Oregon


For the auctions of the next century, our chairs are branded, dated, numbered, and registered to their owner.


In settings from pole to pole, our chairs fit the room and the people.