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October 03, 2023

To all of you at Gary Weeks & Co.:

We continue to enjoy the kitchen table and chairs as well as the rocker that you made for us nearly 10 years ago.

We wish you continued success!

H. and K. M.

Upper Nyack, New York

September 21, 2023

Omg Gary, I’m sitting at my island with the top and stools from you and I’m ecstatic about them! I know you have many accolades for the woodwork and pieces but I will tell you that passing the torch to the next generation (like Austin and Autumn) is a notable accomplishment these days.

Thanks for the note, I appreciate it.

Ft. Worth, Texas

August 30, 2023

By the way, I’ve started using one of our armchairs for my daily meditation—it’s perfect for the task.

Brooklyn, New York

July 14, 2023

Dear Gary,

The chairs are beautiful. M. and I enjoy looking at them with all the detail and clever construction.We appreciate the harmonies and the fluid lines and overall grace and sophistication within American modern/classic design. They add richness to our surroundings and bring a sense of timeless and natural beauty to our home. The chairs are very comfortable and a joy to sit in.Autumn’s delivery was with great care and we appreciate her knowledge and insight. Thank you very much. It was a great experience working with you on the woods and getting a chance to see and work in your shop.Best wishes to y’all .

Sincerely,D. and M.

PS, as I don’t have his email, please forward our appreciation to Austin as well - I very much appreciate his craftsmanship, time and patience with me!

Austin, Texas

April 24, 2023

Gary,I’m still enjoying my lifetime table. Thanks for the exceptional work by you and your team.

Santa Rosa, Florida

April 25, 2022

Hi Gary,
Thanks for reaching out. I’m pretty sure it would be pointless to tell you that I like the barstools very much, and that they have exceeded my expectations, yada yada yada. Of course, you know that already. I’ve been admiring them for years at my mother’s house to the extent that I had to have some for myself.
I am impressed nevertheless. If I had to guess, and merely by observation, I’d probably say that these fell out of a CNC machine before they were assembled. That must be your secret.
I hope we do get the chance to work on another project some day.

Reno, Nevada

January 31, 2022

I absolutely love my art you can sit on!

100% perfect.

San Antonio, Texas

November 01, 2021

Hi Gary,

We are really enjoying the new dining room table and chairs. They will indeed be used on Thanksgiving day.

Thank you for leading a company that does such outstanding work.
B. T.

Tucson, Arizona

October 18, 2021

Table and chairs have arrived and they look great! Thank you so much!

Cary, North Carolina

September 17, 2021


We recently received the dining set. It is more beautiful than I even expected and I have high standards. As a hobby woodcrafter, I was impressed with your joinery and overall quality of your product. The furniture lines are simple and yet elegant. The chairs have good lumbar support. There are no brackets holding things together, instead, you rely on good craftsmanship and beautiful joinery.

Thank you,

Steamboat, Colorado

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