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November 19, 2018

Hi Gary and team,

Just writing to say thank you for the stunningly gorgeous table and chairs! They are absolutely perfect.

It was worth the wait living on Ikea furniture and hand-me-downs for many years until we could finally acquire our first real "adult" dining room furniture.

I had a friend come over to receive the delivery with me, and she could not get over the incredible lumbar support in the chairs. (I was of course already accustomed to it from my parents' furniture!)

Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship and your attentiveness throughout the process! We will of course highly recommend your work to anyone we know who wants the highest quality wood furniture!

-M.M. & A.M.

Rockville, Maryland

September 05, 2018

Hi Gary,

The desk and barstools are gorgeous. They add such beauty to our home and life. Thank you again for everything. I look forward to seeing you at the Barn dance!


Somerville, Massachusetts

August 04, 2018

Dear Gary, Austin, and Autumn,

The three pieces arrived today, carefully carried into the space by Plycon’s delivery folk. No damage of any sort, just a little tape residue here and there which comes off with a microfiber cloth.

And the pieces are beautiful. The photos on the web site made me confident, as did the explanations of how the designs came to be and were executed, but pictures just can’t capture what you have made for us. We’re particularly struck by the quiet elegance, the subtle detail, the way that all the furniture somehow combines a sort of humility and practicality with sheer beauty. And of course the craftsmanship is superb.

We’ve looked at lots of rockers over the years (Portland is that kind of town), but never found anything that seemed right, shaped to the body, friendly to the eye, confident in its own place in the world but not trying to make a statement. And the desk and accompanying chair are worthy kin.

We feel very lucky to have found your work, and are grateful to all who have put their hands to this project.

Best wishes,


Portland, Oregon

July 29, 2018

Hi Gary,

I hope this finds you and family well!

Having some of your furniture over here continues to be a daily delight. Less than Zero buyer's remorse.
I still can't believe how great living with a few of your team's creations has been.

Kind regards,

Blanco, Texas

July 13, 2018

Hi Gary,

The chairs arrived and they are beautiful. The darker eastern walnut compliments the lighter western walnut of our dining table. The chairs are beautifully made and are gorgeous to the touch. Thank you.


Hood River, Oregon

June 20, 2018

Hi Gary,

My enthusiasm is borrowed from my dad, who owns two of your rockers and is a little obsessed. :) My parents have a kitchen table and chairs from you too. He's been singing your praises for years, and I'm glad we can finally lay claim to our own Gary Weeks furniture!

Thank you!


Rockville, Maryland

June 07, 2018


I just wanted to let you know how much we love our new table. It's gorgeous! The craftsmanship of you and your crew is really evident in its design, construction, and finish. I always admire and even envy really good craftsmen. With one leaf in the table its size is perfect for the two of use, and, with three leafs in, the rounded corner design makes is so we can easily seat ten. I am amazed how stable and sturdy the central pedestal design is even when expanded to its maximum. I could go on, but suffice it to say E and I think the table is beautiful. We really appreciate your great work.


Austin, Texas

April 02, 2018

Hi Gary,

Our barstools arrived in perfect condition and are absolutely beautiful. You and the team did a wonderful job. We couldn't be more happy with the level of craftsmanship and professionalism. Thank you very much for all of your effort.

Best Regards,

Lafayette, California

March 28, 2018

Gary et al.

The table and chairs were delivered today in perfect condition. And they're even nicer than I expected. Thanks so much for your fine workmanship.

Best wishes,


Santa Monica, California

March 27, 2018

Good afternoon! Am in receipt of two more gorgeous chairs. Thank you so very much for such sensationally sweet furniture. Will send pictures once all is done, hopefully next week.

Well Wishes,

St. John, Virgin Islands

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