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May 07, 2024

Yes, it came in perfect condition and I'm delighted with it! D.

Buffalo, New York

November 03, 2023

Wow, you guys are amazing!

The furniture is literally stunning. The desk, the library table, the side table, the rocker and the stool are all beautiful, clearly well made and each a work of art on its own. The flame birch shimmers as we move around it. The wood matching on the drawers is perfect. The design and construction, timeless and solid.


St.Paul, Minnesota

August 02, 2022


My rocker stool and side table just got unpacked. Of course the packing was bombproof. But easy to take off.

The furniture could not be more beautiful. It’s everything I had hoped…

Thanks again, and please pass on to everyone how pleased I am with their work…

Very best

Another thought on the furniture.

Some furniture is pretty…… but not comfortable. Others ugly, but comfy.

After spending much time looking at, touching and rocking I am reminded of a quote by a very well thought of marine architect, Chuck Paine, when describing Nathaniel Herreshoff’s daysailer design the 12 1/2. He said “ It is the perfect small boat, and cannot be improved in any way.” The rocker, table, and stool cannot be improved.

Another little term I learned in Maine when one refers to something that is “ just right” is “Yare”. Your work is just that.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

June 09, 2021

It was very difficult to stop rocking and send this email. My rocker and side table induce comfort and calm. It may be a while before I'm willing to share. The walnut is gorgeous! I may just sit across the room to admire my new furniture. I could never find anything of this beauty and quality in a store.

Thank you,


Stow, Ohio

March 14, 2021

Hi Gary and Autumn – the rocker, footstool and table arrived on Friday, March 5th.

I must say, the packing in the those containers was so secure. Everything arrived with our a scratch and shipping boxes showed no sign of being dropped or crushed.

Most importantly, the furniture is lovely and I do believe the rocker will be an heirloom in our family. Many thanks for the fine craftsmanship and good service. Please pass our thanks to your team in shop...

With thanks,

New York, New York

December 21, 2020

Wanted to share how a 25-year-old classic pecan rocker of yours looks with a matching side table you made this year. My mother left me her beloved rocker, and I know she would adore this handsome pair. Your design and craftsmanship are wearing very well !

Thanks again—totally love it!

Portland, Oregon

August 14, 2020


...It is, of course, both beautiful and functional, and seems very much at home next to its older sibling, the Weeks rocker. In the morning, it hosts a big mug of strong coffee, and in the evening, a big glass of wine. Thanks to you and your team of artisans for making it.

I could not be more pleased.


Rockwall, Texas

August 08, 2020

Sorry for the delay — wanted to follow up and let you know the table arrived and we love it.
At some point, when the rocker makes its way here, I’ll send photos of the two together.
Thanks again for an awesome piece of furniture and first-rate customer service. If I were my mother, I’d send you a hand-written note. But you’ll have to accept this email equivalent!

Portland, Oregon

July 15, 2020

Hi Gary,

All arrived safely yesterday!!!!

The chair and table are stunningly beautiful!!! I find myself rocking in the chair (it's difficult to leave it) and admiring the table - the craftsmanship is outstanding.

Many thanks to you and the team - I'm sure we'll enjoy these pieces for many, many years and will send good thoughts to you all as we rock.

Best wishes,


Arundel, Maine

March 25, 2020

Hi Gary,

Yes, I received the table on Monday. It looks great!!

One upper corner on the end of the shipping box was banged in about an inch and a half and the end grain wood at that corner of the table top got pushed in a very small amount, but its not real noticeable. I accepted the delivery no problem. I really like the face grain pattern you guys got on the table top pieces, super nice, have already got compliments on the table.



Newburg, Oregon

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