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May 22, 2024

Dear Mr. Weeks:

It was great speaking with you.

As I mentioned in our conversation, a number of my friends found the rocking chair that I purchased from you so comfortable, they asked me to leave them the chair in my last will and testament— which I indeed did for one lucky heir-to-be.

And thanks again for letting me know should you ever produce a reclining model of that chair.

Sincerely yours,


Hicksville, New York

May 09, 2024

We received the chair and are extremely happy.
We ordered this without ever sitting in your rocker.
From the very second you sit in the rocker, it transports you into a realm of comfort that should not technically be possible from wood. Within minutes you become one with the rocker as you feel stress melt away.
We did not expect the potential health benifits that this chair brings by unwinding stress!
This rocker is a true modern day masterpiece.
If you are on the fence and wondering if this chair may be right for you, do yourself a favor and pull the trigger. We looked at it for years and now wish we did it sooner. If you do, it will be the best thing you'll do for yourself this year.
P.s. you can use that for your testimonials if you want.

Lake Oswego, Oregon

April 19, 2024

Dear “All who make this possible”
We just received our second shipment of dining room chairs, the first shipment being about a year ago. They are wonderful, along with the maple rocker we purchased last year.
My thanks and appreciation are directed at all involved in making such consistently beautiful creations. I speak as a retired farmer who knows the challenges of running a business as well as a beginning woodworker who know the challenges making something that I a proud to have in my house that has no screws holding it together!
Here is a list of my thanks, please let all the ones who had a part in the process know of my love for the excellence of their work.
Design beauty, flowing lines strength functionality
Wood storage all the difficulty involved
Wood selection and cutting for best appearance
The Shop, machines buildings maintained, and safety dust control
Consistency in parts matching
Skills at band saw, courage at table saw
Joinery amazing shoulder and dowel work
Gluing never a crack
Finish sanding and coats of finish, spotless
Care in handling, a ding at the end ruins a lot of work, as I know!
Culture of excellence requires skilled management and dedicated employees
Family continuity a tribute to family dynamics
Great office correspondence
I feel love in your work.
I know I have missed someone, I apologize for that.
How we do what we do really does matter.

L. B.

Ulster, Pennsylvania

April 19, 2024

Hi Gary!I sent a message yesterday saying how thrilled I was with my rocker and footstool. It’s by far the most beautiful rocker I have ever seen and incredibly comfortable. I can’t wait to get my side table!D

Buffalo, New York

April 18, 2024

Yes, they arrived and we are IN LOVE! Most comfortable rocking chair we have ever sat in and all of the pieces are just BEAUTIFUL!

Thomaston, Georgia

February 14, 2024

Hi Gary,
Happy Valentines Day! The due date is creeping up on us quickly now!
...Currently, the porch rocker here is the only truly comfortable seat at 37 weeks. As always, thank you for bringing such beautiful and comfortable furniture into our lives.
Love, H.R.

Haiku, Hawaii

January 23, 2024

Hi Gary and all,
Good timing—today is actually the due date! But he hasn’t come yet. Thank you for checking in, that’s very kind of you.
The curly cherry rocking chair is the most beautiful rocking chair I’ve ever seen. We absolutely love looking at it every single day and it’s so comfortable to sit in. We can’t wait to rock our baby in it when he arrives.
Thanks again,

Gallatin, Tenneesee

December 21, 2023


The Weeks rocker arrived in great condition and my wife helped unpack the box. (I tried to make it a surprise, but she figured things out from the picture not the box.)

My wife then proceeded to sit in the chair for the next few hours, marveling at the comfort, fit, and finish.

She did the same thing the next day.

Thank you.


Raymond, Nebraska

November 14, 2023

Dear Austin; I just want to let you know that Autumn delivered my rocker Saturday. What a nice and informative lady! She highlighted the graining of the wood as well as the felt pads on the rocker to protect the wood floor. I’m glad y’all thought of that! I couldn’t be more impressed with Weeks&Company. The service was great and the rocker was outstanding! The cherry wood is beautiful & the rocker is so designed to fit perfectly.It rocks the way I thought a rocker should but rarely found. In gratitude to y’all;D.H.

Houston, Texas

August 17, 2023

Gary and Autumn,

I received the Weeks Rocking Chair and footstool this afternoon. No damage was found. The rocker is fantastic! Well made, beautiful wood, fits my body like a glove. When I was in college and medical school I always used a rocker for reading/studying... Now that I am retired..., I have been looking for a great rocking chair and believe that I have found it.

Thanks again.
L. W.

Scottsdale, Arizona

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