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December 24, 2019

Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for the heartwarming message. We love the chair already and have both already dozed off in it. We will be sure to send you some photos and a testimonial once our little guy is here. We wanted something that we could pass on to future generations and I'm sure he'll love the chair as much as we do.

Happy holidays to you, your family, and everyone else at the company.

Thank you again,

L. T.

Brooklyn, New York

December 24, 2019


Thanks for the holiday wishes...same to everyone in yours! So happy to finally own a Weeks rocker! We already love it.

J. and B. L.

Austin, Texas

December 24, 2019

We received it. Open it tonite and had 4 generations rocking in ur chair. Fantastic !

W. S.

Washington, DC

December 24, 2019

Dear Gary,

Thank you so much for your kind words.

The rocker came in time, even more beautiful than I imagined. I've been longing for a real rocking chair since my early childhood and you and your company and your craftsmanship have really made my dream come true and made me happy. And it has arrived just on time for the holiday season!

Happy holidays and the most successful new year!

T. S.

San Jose, California

December 26, 2019

The chair is beautiful, Gary. We are thrilled with the outcome and are glad we waited for the mesquite. After 30 years (since we first met you at Whit Hanks) we can finally say we have the chair of our dreams.

Thank you and happy new year,
A. E.

Austin, Texas

December 31, 2019


You've got a special thing going. And I know you know it. Family is so important. My wife’s father loved the table AND chairs - and you're going to laugh at this one - his favorite part of it (and he would almost purr when he said it, with a glass of wine in hand of course) was how smooth the bottom of the chairs felt to the touch. In his solid thinking, inferior chairs with upholstery and sloppy bottoms were no match.

In May of 2000, shortly after your table graced our very new home at the time, we threw my Mom a surprise birthday party…Thus began many birthdays, Thanksgivings and Christmases afterward.

Happy 2020!

C. C.

La Canada, California

November 20, 2019

Good evening Gary and Austin
Thanks so much for my awesome chair! I look forward to many years of joy putting it to good use at the lake. I’d like to order another to match. No rush as E. said the particular wood is not something always in stock. When you get ready to work on it, let me know. I may change the inlay on it.Again thanks for sharing your gifts and talents in such a cool way!

Birmingham, Alabama

October 29, 2019

We love our new table. It will be the center of a big Thanksgiving dinner next week with extended family gathering from all over.

Thank you.

Corvallis, Oregon

November 14, 2019

Hi Gary,
The writing desk, chairs and bar stools arrived this morning in good condition. You're right, the desk is particularly nice, but I think the arm chair might be my new favorite. All are beautiful and I thank you...for your fine craftsmanship and I am truly happy to have these new additions in my home.
A. R.

Sacramento, California

November 12, 2019

The photos did not prepare me for how good this chair looks and feels in real life. Stunning, exquisite. Everything is first rate, from the immaculate packing and shipping to the museum-quality chair (it really is art). Those things would be meaningless, though, if it wasn’t comfortable and sturdy, you know, like good furniture. It is. (Cherry was a good choice, too; warm & friendly like a Golden Retriever.)

All in all, some very fine work from the people at Gary Weeks!

Thank you,

New York, New York

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