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September 03, 2019

Dear Gary,

We love the chair, the packaging, and service. We are already working on designing a table for you to make.

C. L.

Concord, Massachusetts

August 10, 2019

Hi Gary,

I did receive the rocking chair, just when you said it would come. And the delivery person was very pleasant and helpful. I rock in it almost every evening. It is my "let it be" chair.

It seems each time I sit in it I find something else to like about it. Just the other night I discovered if I turn a little and hang one leg over the arm I can use the edge of the back support slats and the rocking motion to massage my back. Aaah. I don't have any problems with my tailbone resting on the seat, which is a nice surprise. I especially like that the slats in the back leave a spot for my spine right in the middle, that there's room for me to tuck my feet underneath, and that it rocks pretty far without ever feeling unstable. And it's absolutely beautiful.

I almost hate to give any non-positive feedback, because it might make you think I enjoy my chair less or expect you to do anything about this stuff. But you seem like you might appreciate it... So this is just for your information; no need to respond.

- The bottom of the shipping box was very dirty - that black greasy dirt that sticks to things. If I had carpet instead of hardwood floors I would probably have had to clean the carpet afterwards.

- I find that resting my arms on the arm rests isn't all that comfortable. I'm not sure why. They feel a little too high and far away from my body. I am about average height for a woman (5'-7") but I think I have long arms for my height. And I'm on the slender side. In fact it's more comfortable for me to tuck my elbows through the back of the chair and put my hands on the seat next to my behind.

Last night my good friend M. came over and spent some time in the rocking chair. She's had a difficult few weeks and she really seemed to find the rocking chair soothing. She also thought it was beautiful.

Thank you for building such a functional and beautiful piece! It is a joy to have it in my life.



Portland, Oregon

August 05, 2019

Rocker arrived in great shape. Walnut looks really nice. Hope it is a family heirloom.


Lancaster, Virginia

August 02, 2019

My rocker arrived Wednesday. It is wonderful. Sitting in it on my screened porch as I write it. Thanks!


Overland Park, Kansas

July 31, 2019

I received my cherry rocking chair in perfect condition on July 24. It’s safely situated in my home and I absolutely love the chair. You have created a truly beautiful chair, elegant in its simplicity and quite graceful in appearance. I am delighted to have this hand-crafted rocker in my home. It is remarkably comfortable, and I look forward to many years of pleasurable use. So happy with it!

By the way, the packaging was amazing, perfect for making sure the rocker was not damaged.

Please give my thanks to the artisans who so lovingly created my lifetime chair.


Lake Havasu, Arizona

July 29, 2019

Thanks for the follow-up. The chair was delivered on schedule and the shipper was extra helpful.

I love the chair and am sitting in it now as I write this. It’s in our sunroom.


Greenland, New Hampshire

July 23, 2019


Thanks for checking back with me. The rocker arrived beautifully (as I expected) and the pics show you how well it fits in our den. It met all my expectations—and the anticipation of its arrival gave me something to really look forward to. I loved thinking about how much care you and yours were taking with it.

Your company has been such a pleasure to work with—from the day we dropped by to the communication in between. I wish Daddy could see it—I’m sure he would be impressed and appreciative of the quality as I am. I sit in it everyday!

I will happily recommend you and your company to anyone who inquires.

Thanks so much.



Moore, South Carolina

July 03, 2019

I have received my chair and am happily rocking away.



Hope, Indiana

June 27, 2019

The chair is now sitting in our den, and let tell you, it is the most gorgeous piece of furniture I have ever seen.


Mabank, Texas

June 18, 2019


The table and chairs came today. Beautiful!! We are very pleased and excited!!

R. W.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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