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March 08, 2024

Thank you for your email and kind words. Your rockers have been quite the conversation piece for all our visitors!

Wimberley, Texas

February 14, 2024

Hi Gary,
Happy Valentines Day! The due date is creeping up on us quickly now!
...Currently, the porch rocker here is the only truly comfortable seat at 37 weeks. As always, thank you for bringing such beautiful and comfortable furniture into our lives.
Love, H.R.

Haiku, Hawaii

January 23, 2024

Hi Gary and all,
Good timing—today is actually the due date! But he hasn’t come yet. Thank you for checking in, that’s very kind of you.
The curly cherry rocking chair is the most beautiful rocking chair I’ve ever seen. We absolutely love looking at it every single day and it’s so comfortable to sit in. We can’t wait to rock our baby in it when he arrives.
Thanks again,

Gallatin, Tenneesee

December 21, 2023


We are so glad to hear from you.

J. delivered their first baby on the 19th of December. Your Weeks rockers are the most beautiful and comfortable rockers anywhere! One of the best touches we have had is to meet the gal who actually made the rocking chair and delivered the chair! Autumn delivered the chair on the way to her Thanksgiving holiday with family. I was surprised at how young she is and how accomplished she is in woodworking. She delivered a top quality rocker...

You have grown the business so much, I practically don't recognize you. Ken and I bought our rocker several years earlier when your website was a little older and a lot fuzzier in appearance. The website is so professional compared to back then. I first found you by searching the web for rocking chairs that fit both short and tall people. Our family has people from 5 feet to 6'3”...

I love the Weeks rocking chair and frequently have people sit in it just for the experience, because it is such a lovely experience. The balance of the rocker makes for a soothing rock instead of a store bought clunky rock that requires more force to keep it going and "jumps" halfway through the rock because it isn't balanced properly. (think the white porch rockers that are sold everywhere or the more expensive rockers in a furniture store--there is simply no comparison)

Again, your craftsmanship is superb!
Merry Christmas to your family and family of Gary Weeks & Company!

Fountain Inn, South Carolina

August 26, 2023

The chair has arrived safely in Nashville and is now in a place of honor in the baby’s room. It is such a lovely piece!! My daughter and her husband have a sense of humor, and I wanted to share a few texts from them:
S. (...husband): “You can feel the quality.”
S. : “This chair seems to be saying ‘I am what furniture is supposed to be. I don’t know about the other stuff you guys you put in here, though.”
The chair to the other pieces in the baby room: “Back when I was being assembled by master craftsmen…oh sorry, you guys were cobbled together with Allen keys on a Saturday morning, weren’t you?”

Sincerely yours,

Texarkana, Texas

January 29, 2023

Hi Gary,
Thank you to you and to your team for the chair. It makes a stunning centerpiece in the nursery.
S. and A.

Brooklyn, New York

January 26, 2023

Gary, we truly love the walnut rocker and are looking forward to rocking our babies in it in the years to come. Thanks so much for reaching out!
Best, M.

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

November 04, 2022

Hi Autumn,
I’m so glad you got the check! And yes, I received the stool yesterday. It’s absolutely beautiful paired with the rocker, of course—I’ve attached a picture. I also included a photo that hangs on the wall behind it—it’s of the rocker with me and my daughter, for whose birth the rocker was a gift back in 2003. She’s in college now!
Thanks again for such quality work, and wonderful customer service. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Brooktondale, New York

October 14, 2022

Nineteen years ago, I received a cherry Weeks Rocker as a gift when my youngest was born. Unsurprisingly, it has become my most cherished piece of furniture, and the one most admired by others who visit my home. I have long wanted to add a matching footstool to it, and the time has come!
Kind regards, L.

Brooktondale, New York

April 23, 2022

Hi Gary and Austin,The Maple Rocker has been delivered and my daughter is so very happy, she says it is "Beautiful!" and has sent me 3 photos of her sitting in it and beaming. Plenty of room for the little one in her tummy too.
She looks so happy and comfortable. Made my day / month/ year so far : )
Kindest regards,J.

Stirling, Australia

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